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To what extent do these images ironize and thereby repudiate such representations?
He promised to repudiate henceforth Weismannist formal genetics and blamed his teachers for his past errors.
I totally repudiate all of my ignorant, racist, unfactual and ahistorical arguments above.
Within America itself, strong female characters emerge from and repudiate the caricatures of womanhood that populate the narrative.
When the Berlin Wall came down in 1989, a new leadership hastily jettisoned the Party's name, and soon began to repudiate most of its past.
The modernist belief that modern art should repudiate the past has been jettisoned.
Regan quickly says she has received news of Edgar's villainy and has come to repudiate her father's naming of Edgar as his godson.
The logical and just thing was to repudiate the enormous debt incurred by the monarchy.
I would advocate going on to repudiate the entire debt outright, and let the chips fall where they may.
Only the husband may repudiate his spouse, although the wife may provoke him to make that decision.
The building reminded them of a past that belonged to them and their ancestors, a past they did not wish to repudiate.
Galileo was forced to repudiate his scientific knowledge lest he be declared a heretic by the official church.
The analysis appreciates Densher's exercise of good taste in his ability to feel Milly's pain and ultimately to repudiate her fortune.
It's time for Democrats who are sick of such shenanigans to speak up and repudiate these clowns.
The profile of the defector, the turncoat, is that they repudiate everything they've ever done.
A union has the power to repudiate action purportedly done in its name and on its behalf, but there are stringent conditions.
First, neo-evangelicals did not repudiate the fundamentalist past.
We cannot repudiate unchangeable truths, their opponents retort.
The clause had as its primary focus legislation designed to repudiate or adjust pre-existing debtor-creditor relationships that obligors were unable to satisfy.
Not only do I not classify myself as a birther, I specifically repudiate the birther thesis with two books and the film.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Mr. Long, at any 151 rate, has not been so disgusted by the Tiberian Latin as to feel himself bound to repudiate it.
If they should take Briand in the act, should they have even the least doubt concerning him, you must repudiate him entirely.
Well, the Suffragettes absolutely repudiate that double standard of morals.
There was something coming to him on that account which a man could not repudiate or ignore.
They were, till ten years ago, independent under the Imams of Sana, and it is certain that they repudiate the califate.
This was the feeling that had made it incumbent on him to repudiate a wife who had so treated him.
There are circumstances in which a good citizen is bound to repudiate all complicity.
In choosing another's words, I seemed to indorse or repudiate the strange matter with which they were to be associated.
Thus even in Ethics there is now perceptible in some quarters a tendency to repudiate the normative standpoint.
What will justify such a volte-face and with what excuse can he repudiate the principles with which he justified his takeover?
The lecturer arose like an outraged moralist to repudiate the scandalous charge of libidinousness.
Ironically, this would be a project that Charlton, at least in his grouchier moods, would repudiate.
He could not disavow his actions, belauded as they were by half the world, and so he had to repudiate truth, goodness, and all humanity.
Supposing I say that, believing you now to have a guilty knowledge of this murder, I repudiate our bargain?
Ought one not absolutely to repudiate them in the Ebert Republic?
They have to repudiate the inroad, and stand by the inroader.
But they did not hesitate to declare that they must repudiate the mise.
Philip was ashamed of his glories, but he had no heart to repudiate them.
I ought to have said the bargain ceases the instant you repudiate it.
The Nestorians are the true Chaldeans, and repudiate the name Nestorian.
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