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In some cases, there may not be a specific injury, but the meniscus can tear due to repetitive loads and chronic degeneration.
Dopamine-deprived striatal GABAergic interneurons burst and generate repetitive gigantic IPSCs in medium spiny neurons.
Low-intensity warfare of this kind does not bring quick results and much of the work is low-key, repetitive and painstaking.
The three adults who were there for repetitive lengths rather than jumping about in water wings had organised themselves into the farside.
One could only watch so much of well-endowed women in bathing suits running before it started to get kind of boring and repetitive.
It would be an abuse of the judicial process to allow proceedings to be repetitive.
A collectively created experimental piece about the mundane frustrations of the daily rat race is effectively staged, but tediously repetitive.
Their repetitive structure leads to rote recitation, rather than listening to the words.
The sound of the repetitive wind shield wipers had no affect upon Stevens as he focused on the streets of downtown.
You attempt to cover over lifeless language with wonderfully wordy witticisms of the repetitive variety.
It's not the semi-literate know-nothings who pollute the comment boards of blogs with their repetitive drivel.
It tends to be repetitive as well, especially with the '80s inspired light K-pop soundtrack.
By this time his work had become repetitive and obsessed with technical refinement.
Centromeric DNA, being highly repetitive, has been refractory to molecular analysis.
Most of the system is regimented, from repetitive drills on communication skills to tutorials on software development.
They were dreary, low-paid and repetitive and gave rise to strikes for a good reason.
Its bureaucratic structures are fine for dealing with repetitive tasks but it cannot face new challenges.
No two spaces have the same dimensions and nothing is repetitive, except perhaps the door openings.
To say that the medium is inherently boring, repetitive, or juvenile is some straight up ignorance.
After the first half, it seems to run out of material and becomes repetitive.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Observations of repetitive patterns and awareness of possible deviations blended.
But I soon found that there was a curious counter-reward attending even a process as repetitive as this.
The criticism most often made of Ovid's poems from exile is that they are repetitive and therefore monotonous.
Think about such categories as syncretism, understanding, repetitive patterns in practical terms.
The din of raucous and numbingly repetitive music reverberates through the smoke-enshrouded joint.
The pattern is repetitive, only some of the names are changed.
Reed warblers sing their repetitive, grinding song while clinging to reed stems, while sedge warblers perform in the tops of riverside bushes.
A lot of Shakespeare jokes are repetitive and he can never resist ones about cuckolds and their horns.
The controlled experiment looked at whether nature would influence rumination, defined as repetitive thoughts that focus on negative aspects of the self.
Genre films are intrinsically derivative and repetitive so it makes sense that the influence between Canadian and American slashers could work both ways.
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