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Sentence Examples
Before registering, the parliaments had the power to send the king remonstrances pointing out flaws or drawbacks in the new laws.
It was during her remonstrances at his delay that the alleged assault took place.
She finished her luncheon without undue questioning from her mother, or too many remonstrances about her choice in friends.
Earlier, we might have argued, but we had already seen how little effect remonstrances had on these two.
On the thirteenth it sent remonstrances denouncing the irregular conduct of the Royal Session of the previous November.
Its contents consist largely of warnings, remonstrances, assertions, arguments in favor of certain doctrines, narratives for enforcing morals.
He then renewed his protestations and the same remonstrances which he had made to me the day before.
When the Orthodox would say something outrageous, the Vatican would make remonstrances privately, but never in public.
The nobles were able to address remonstrances to the throne through their corporate organizations.
But, at length, having become insensibly accustomed to her, he listened to her remonstrances with no less patience than his mistress.
In addition to innumerable stern remonstrances, his soliloquy is laced with screaming fits of anger.
He felt better and brighter, and, notwithstanding the remonstrances of his valet, took a ride on his bicycle.
For months he pestered her with calls, and persecuted her with letters, memorials, and remonstrances.
Incensed by the government's flouting of basic legal principles, the parlement of Paris, seconded by the provincial courts, condemned royal policy in a flood of remonstrances.
Is the list mainly a catalogue of wayward institutions that, depending on their own histories and practices, have given greater or lesser heed to the AAUP's remonstrances?
It was a deliberate challenge to the authority of the parlement which responded in November 1755 with some of the boldest remonstrances ever written.
Middleton and Paul saw no use in wasting their breath in remonstrances against this proposal.
In spite of the remonstrances of Spain and of the Sforza, he allied himself with France in January 1499 and was joined by Venice.
As early as 1712 this right of patronage had been restored in Scotland, in spite of the remonstrances of the Church.
Examples from Classical Literature
It was impossible that Isabella could long resist these continuous remonstrances.
The tenderness which has underlain even John's remonstrances culminates in his closing words.
Princes who were ill-affected towards him, he kept in subjection, more by menaces and remonstrances, than by force of arms.
Further remonstrances only provoked taunting replies and sharp altercations.
John did not pay any heed to his mother's scowls and remonstrances.
Father Petre, on bended knees, seconded these remonstrances.
Only her husband's earnest remonstrances decided her wavering will.
Soft remonstrances from tesla with polite references to Wall Street.
To his further remonstrances she interposed a stony silence.
Remonstrances were vain until experience proved their weight, and the minting of the lis d'or had to be discontinued.
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