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Many people have experimented with past life regression under hypnosis and claim to recall experiences from previous existences.
The fitted lines are for the regression of the square root of the y-axis variable on log shoot dry weight.
All data sets have nonzero intercepts of the regression lines with the y-axis.
P values are from logistic regression, adjusting for confounders and taking account of dependence between related individuals.
Likelihood and regression analyses give slightly different estimates of the slope and intercept.
The intercept of the extrapolated regression line and x-axis was taken to be an estimate of the presentation time.
The error terms from the regression equations are modeled as random variables with a probability distribution.
Adjusted odds ratios were calculated by logistic regression, whereas adjusted risk ratios were calculated by generalized linear modeling.
Continuous variables were grouped into subcategories, and unifactorial logistic regression was used to compare these with a reference level.
Multivariate logistic regression analysis was used to calculate the adjusted odds ratio of failure rates.
Ten separate regression analyses were carried out, one regression analysis corresponding to each of the ten domains of the independent variables.
Birds were aged according to a regression equation for age on the length of the wing for storks.
A combination of bivariate and multivariate logistic regression analysis techniques was utilized.
This was his formulation of regression and its link to the bivariate normal distribution.
Logistic regression modeling was used to estimate the odds of needle-stick injuries and near misses associated with various factors.
The sound systems, loudspeakers and mikes of modern technology are a sad regression from earlier ability.
This dysgenic crisis would surely bring communism and the regression of mankind.
This global regression subsequently led to the withdrawal of seawater from a large part of the Pangean shelves and epicontinental seas.
Since the remote office would retain the previous media, regression to an earlier version should also be fairly straightforward.
The 1940s could have represented another stage of regression in this process.
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Examples from Classical Literature
And there is no doubt that this regression has taken place in the course of history.
It is quite unnecessary to construct such dreams as a return to infantilism, as a regression, as the Freudians generally do.
The next stage in regression is that where the idea of death appears.
Inexistence of self-correlation hypothesis is not rejected among errors and thus, regression can be used.
The general amount of regression in heredity, then, is one-half.
Captures of the remaining two of 12 mature forest species did not show significant regression trends.
One is a linear regression model and the other is a simple rule-of-thumb approach.
This is estimated using a bootstrap-adjusted Tobit regression as specified by Simar and Wilson.
For finding the efficiency determinants for Indian banks, the researchers have run Tobit regression model due to the censored nature of the dependent variable.
We will use regression analysis of household income and its components based on head of household demographic information to further examine the income determination process.
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