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All chapters are well referenced and the information is well supported by an adequate number of tables and illustrations.
I wasn't left high and dry as the book is well referenced which led me to the books that shaped his thinking on a variety of topics.
Why this material is included while other material unique to, e.g., commodities or exchanges, is referenced out is not clear.
I think it's interesting what traditions are picked up on and what countries are referenced in that.
For descriptive metadata it may even be an entry in a catalog if the catalog record can be adequately referenced.
Eustasy is defined as a global sea level change when referenced to a fixed datum, for instance the center of the earth.
She had Googled her own name and found my site, where I impoliticly referenced her a couple of years ago.
Researchers are using a geographic information system to track the fly establishment with geographically referenced coordinates.
A single style sheet can be referenced from all of the XHTML pages, allowing a design to be quickly applied to the entire site or application.
Gravity was measured using a LaCoste-Romberg model G gravimeter, and readings were referenced to a BGS temporary base station located at Corrie.
Pieces in the show referenced Conceptualism, performance, Dada, realism and abstraction.
Authentication credentials can then be maintained centrally and referenced by a whole host of platforms and applications.
The book is indexed and each of the chapters is referenced, some more extensively than others.
All these articles contain referenced material or the supporting documents themselves.
With the exception of the modeling papers, most articles are well referenced with conclusions clearly supported by the data furnished.
The book is well referenced and indexed, including a listing of cases found throughout the book.
It is extensively referenced and provides the scientific evidence for many of the practices and principles of tuberculosis control.
I really appreciated your well-researched and referenced article on Ashcroft and the separation of church and state.
As the number of references that could be cited was limited, we have often referenced review articles rather than original publications.
In my time spent here I have heard Canada referenced a total of four times in the mainstream media.
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Examples from Classical Literature
The footnote itself has been placed after the paragraph where it is referenced.
Index was minimally checked for accuracy of page references and consistency with spellings in referenced pages.
Both are classified as a whorl and referenced to a loop to take care of the rare contingency of nonappearance.
Footnotes have been moved to the end of the paragraphs in which they are referenced.
Footnotes have been moved to the end of the chapters in which they are referenced.
This pattern should be referenced both as a loop and as a tented arch.
Nitrogen is referenced to atmospheric nitrogen and carbon to the Pee Dee Belemnite standard.
Unesco proposed the idea of a botanical garden project in 2008, to be filled with the plants referenced in the Islamic holy book.
In May, a column of yours referenced a plant called bush snapdragon.
Ola horse-drawn collection of recyclable household packaging weekly on the entire territory and collecting traditional mandatory truck on a number of referenced areas.
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