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Wood benches made from hardwood such as teak, redwood, mahogany, or cedar can stay outside year-round.
The street, lined with retro wrought-iron lamp posts and redwood benches that speak of an earlier effort at revival, is utterly quiet.
In the presence of iron and water, the naturally-occurring tannins in redwood react to form a dark, blue-black iron tannate precipitate.
Tannin, or tannic acid, is the substance in the redwood that makes it resistant to fungus and termites.
Another common problem with cedar, redwood and certain other species is a natural resin in the wood called tannin.
Choose Construction Common or Deck Common redwood, grades with pleasing blends of heartwood and sapwood, for a long-lasting and economical deck.
This freestanding bench uses Construction Common or Deck Common redwood grades that have a pleasing mix of heartwood and sapwood.
Your back garden is full of majestic redwood trees, towering high above you.
The tree species included dawn redwood, ginkgo, bald cypress, and relatives of present-day sassafras, tulip tree, and magnolia.
Both pines are sclerophyllous like tolerators, as are dawn redwood and bald cypress.
The three-bedroom, one-bath tract house has a detached garage with a tall redwood tree behind it.
Contemporary railing features a combination of redwood tongue and groove siding and sleek brushed stainless steel piping.
The handle scales are made of nicely figured redwood and the bolsters are made of stainless steel.
The essence of the Sycamore experience is a soak in one of the resort's fancifully named redwood tubs.
Both cabins have redwood siding that appears to have been given a clear coat of varnish or shellac.
A varnish stain or polyurethane in clear or tinted is another choice for redwood, cypress and cedar.
Indigo plants are used for deep blue dyes, while reddish brown dyes are extracted from cola nuts, the camwood tree, and the redwood tree.
Create a template from hardboard and transfer the pattern to the 1x8 redwood slats.
Certain types of wood siding like redwood, cedar, and manufactured hardboard siding seem to accelerate the problem.
Along the trail, visitors can enjoy specimens such as the Indian horse chestnut, dawn redwood, autumn oaks and oriental hawthorns.
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Examples from Classical Literature
From which states do we get most of our yellow pine, spruce, red fir, redwood?
And after him redwood dropped a goal, first from one side line, then from the other.
The house itself was of unsurfaced redwood, battened with lath to keep out the winter rain.
Your letter, with the Yerba Buena and the spray of redwood, came like a breeze from the hills.
I saw redwood go to him and say something, pointing as he did so to the hand.
The medullary rays of redwood are thin and very obscure, but numerous.
It was at Para also that we engaged Gomez and Manuel, two half-breeds from up the river, just come down with a cargo of redwood.
Just then redwood turned and waved his hand to somebody near us.
California has a room walled and ceiled with redwood by wimmen.
It was in vain I struggled, and explained that redwood was waiting for me.
Dawn caught us on the northern brow, and in the gray light we dropped down through chaparral into redwood canyons deep and warm with the breath of passing summer.
The field glowed like rough gold in the approaching sunset, and near the middle of it stood a solitary great redwood, with blasted top suggesting a nesting eyrie for eagles.
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