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The director general said the tax collection rate will decrease, not rise, following the tax restructuring.
I was directing my comment to the Northlands School Division where the graduation rate is extremely low.
Women with wound infections had longer hospital stays and an increased rate of endometritis.
There are drugs that can help reduce the rate at which endolymph is secreted in the labyrinth.
Among healthy persons living in a region of low endemicity, the false-positive rate with serology is about 2 to 5 percent.
Specialist stands test fuel control units, oil pumps, rate sensors and gyros, turret controls and Electronic Control Units.
They varied greatly in age, size, growth rate, and geographical areas covered.
In particular, size and growth rate are related to movement behavior in a complex manner.
We found no difference in growth rate or size of individuals as a function of coating thickness.
The unemployment rate, which is growing in almost all East European countries, is decreasing in Bulgaria.
Women do so at a quarter of the rate of men, but still higher than elsewhere in Canada.
Languages are becoming extinct at an alarming rate which makes language endangerment the area of the greatest current concern to linguists.
Though the WNV encephalitis in horses is rare, a considerable mortality rate is reported in the case of encephalitic horses.
It provides tax-free investment growth but applies an exit tax of standard rate, plus 3 per cent on any gain realised on encashment.
Second, the rate of encapsidation of deleterious mutants may be increased during co-infection.
Specifically, leaf emergence in black oak occurred very soon after the first release, resulting in a generally high survival rate in gypsy moth.
Even on my machine, in the middle of certain gun battles, the frame rate dropped noticeably.
The Dow has rallied in the last two weeks following the last cut in the discount rate by the Federal Reserve.
The discount rate is essentially the interest rate that banks and other depository institutions are charged to borrow from the Federal Reserve.
The drawback to discounted products is that they have to be paid for by borrowers on a standard variable rate, on which margins are much higher.
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Examples from Classical Literature
This would be of importance, since the clean puncture of cancellous bone was no doubt favoured by a high rate of velocity.
An allowance for breast-feeding at the rate of 12 cents a day, including Sundays and holidays, for 12 weeks after confinement.
It had at any rate the effect of bridging, for poor Chivers, some of his gaps.
What, then, must be the population of the British empire if the increase in one city was at that rate?
If he has not ceased to be an idol, he has at any rate ceased to be a bugbear.
Sure, there's Wheeler, and bursal along with him, canvassing out yonder at a terrible fine rate.
Beside which, the caravan was moving at the majestic rate of about five miles a day.
The rate of air bubble formation in the banded area was also assessed by visual inspection using a magnifying lens.
Still, not to mention Shelley's wife, there was Bracknell, at any rate.
It is the harvest, if not of the busy bee, at any rate of the busybody.
This, at any rate, was the allegation of the more outspoken American press.
Mr. Quorrall at any rate seemed tacitly to agree with brindley.
The intermountain Rate cases are fully discussed at p. 610, infra.
We estimate the rate of organic carbon storage in post-settlement alluvium since 1963-1964, in eastern Ottawa County, Michigan using laboratory methods and cesium-137 dating.
At any rate, they were an amazingly ugly gang, and over the heads of them under the forward lug peered the black face of the man whose eyes were luminous in the dark.
Well, I think we won't talk about Bridges here, at any rate.
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