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Sentence Examples
This rarefaction can be found in young hypertensives and may have a hereditary component.
Hypertension is characterized by capillary rarefaction, a reduction of the number of capillaries per volume of tissue.
Numerous platelets appeared in the lumen, some of which showed signs of degeneration with swelling and rarefaction.
Loss of pain sensation together with possible rarefaction of the bones of the neuropathic foot can have serious consequences.
Typically, the assessment of capillarity in patients with COPD has revealed rarefaction.
Anaximenes' notion of successive change of matter by rarefaction and condensation was influential in later theories.
However, definitions which focus on the idea of either irreversible collapse or of bellows-like compression and rarefaction of air are no help in the present context.
Likewise, in a famous passage, Buridan is driven by his own experience to reject Ockham's explanation of condensation and rarefaction as kinds of locomotion.
This trend is evident at a coarse scale in a comparison of the combined rarefaction curves for sites from the uppermost 15 m of the Cretaceous against all Paleocene sites.
Histologic examination of the brain showed extensive neuronal loss, gliosis, rarefaction, scarring, and foci of chronic inflammation in multiple brain regions.
The pathognomonic finding of OM is Looser's zones or pseudofractures, a thin transverse band of rarefaction, which can be seen on roentgenograms.
Examples from Classical Literature
The rarefaction of the air and the scanty pasturage were the worst troubles.
My ears also ached exceedingly in consequence of the rarefaction of the atmosphere.
According to the wave theory, a condensation and rarefaction are necessary to constitute a sound wave.
Not even Sir William Crookes's vacua can give an idea of the rarefaction which this fact implies.
Indicate the parts of the curve that correspond to a condensation and to a rarefaction.
There may be structural signs in the kidney reaction field such as a lacuna or rarefaction.
With these pumps a higher degree of rarefaction can be obtained.
He said that things are produced from air by rarefaction and condensation.
Also, rarefaction by the air-pump does not injure air in the least degree.
He tries the rarefaction of air, but finds the effect insensible.
Beaucoup d'intentions ont ete contrariees par la rarefaction des assiettes de terrain.
It is obvious, that when the piston moves down the rarefaction is caused, which intakes the liquid drug into the vessels.
Rarefaction and condensation by instruments were also tried, but in vain.
Increased cellular senescence and vascular rarefaction exacerbate the progression of kidney fibrosis in aged mice following transient ischemic injury.
Since bird abundances were different among the different habitats we used rarefaction to explore if differences in richness and diversity were closely related to abundance.
This novel type of data will be analysed using a new rarefaction method, developed to test mechanistic explanations for biodiversity patterns along ecological gradients.
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