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Burns ran through on to a ball from Pearson and crossed to Lasley unmarked once again at the back post.
Recently I ran through the Amazonian rainforest in the company of a French naturalist.
A poem, Simply Everyone's Taking Cocaine, ran through a list of professional snorters.
Hundreds of images ran through my mind, like the flashes you see when they're brainwashing people in a bad sci-fi movie.
Walking to his locker, thoughts of what to do during his newfound spare time ran through his mind.
This ran through the responses of all groups, with a sophisticated understanding of the country's problems.
A system of ponds, brooks, and waterfalls originally ran through wooded gorges into 60-acre Prospect Lake.
He says that the blood which ran through the veins of his family's forefathers runs through his own and his son's veins too.
They left from the big smelly station with the road that ran through it, a giant grey monster crouching under North Bridge.
There were huge grins and shrieks of delight as they ran through the sprinklers, chasing each other with squirt guns and water balloons.
Once, as the derelict caravanserais that litter the landscape mutely testify, the Silk Route ran through the Mazandaran.
A shock ran through him like a physical blow, catching him in the stomach and nearly knocking him over.
With good reason, they had come to believe that the path to freedom ran through the baptismal font of the Reformed Church.
But he ran through the portal before the track was laid, and he climbed a catenary pole, and was electrocuted.
A stream ran through it, and around it were fields, orchards and small woods, or coppices.
Last week we ran through the positional profiles for first line of defence.
They ran through a block of single story residences, throwing grenades and firing their weapons.
One branch ran through the cerebro-pleural connective into the ipsilateral pleural ganglion.
His was a large presence, and his course, again, ran through conflicted times.
She paused while the raging feelings ran through her body, making her shake even though she tried to compose herself.
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Examples from Classical Literature
This ran through his mind in the presence of the old man who bustled out of the door of the cabin where his carriole had stopped.
Snug, too, they looked, with smoke coming out of stovepipes that ran through the roofs of several of them.
Then a surge ran through the mound of flesh, and the arm, a pseudopod, reached more rapidly for him.
As it was, there ran through the town an undercurrent of puzzled suspicion.
He's as gleg as M'Keachen's elshin, that ran through sax plies o' bend-leather into the king's heel.
Antony ran through the city, crying out that he was betrayed, and in a phrensy of rage sought the palace.
Latinism, like every new craze, became a passion, and ran through the less intelligent kinds of writing in a wild excess.
His occasional smile ran through all the gamut of grins, from the smirk of conceit to the simper of toadyism.
The road, or rather the very slight path, which he was following, ran through a maquis that had been lately burned.
A thrill of victory ran through her veins as she noted the effect of her Parthian shot.
There ran through her a fine vein of mercilessness, but it was without cruelty, it was leavened with both logic and justice.
Charles ran through all the ambages of intrigue, like a subject who endeavours to make a minister suspected by his master.
They heard her anchor splash into the water, and then the rattle of her cable as it ran through the hawsehole.
He went to his own hotel and for an hour ran through the pages of his blue book.
The girls ran through the newsroom to the hall, and down the stairway.
A little shudder ran through her slight frame and she could feel the goose flesh rise upon her body.
But Page perceived the tremor of battle that ran through her.
He ran through the unkempt garden, and was quickly at the door.
Cerberus opened it, and a cry of joy ran through the prison.
For some moments Joe ran through the pages of the code book.
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