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Make approximately 6 Mangudais to defend against the attacks of arbalests and siege rams from the Tanguts on the city.
They were buying the best rams to improve their breed and made headway in double quick time.
In February, 2001, hydraulic rams and electric motors that open the bridge will be installed.
In October of 2003, members purchased cheviot rams at the breeding sales and crossed them onto the native blackface Ox Mountain ewes.
They'll take all the cull ewes and rams we send them, and even pay a decent price.
Wednesday October 2 will see the breeding sheep, with some 3,00 ewes and gimmer shearlings, starting at 10 am, followed by 280 rams at noon.
Since 15 to 25 percent of male sheep in U.S. flocks don't mate, ranchers want to find a way to identify good breeding rams.
The energising means for the rams may be mounted either upon the top hamper or within the body.
The raid happened shortly after 1pm when police officers carrying battering rams dashed from a nearby car park to the door of the house.
I saw the police come out with battering rams, but they couldn't get through the front door so the fire brigade went round the back.
Some large trucks are fitted with battering rams, the better to plow through roadblocks that attempt to halt a convoy in an ambush.
It included 100 foot battering rams and 150 foot high siege towers with bridges.
The impressive exterior features divided stone windows and bartizans with carved rams or flowers.
The couple had kept a flock of sheep in that particular field, 30 ewes and two rams to be exact.
My instincts are sharp and I easily catch it before it rams into my ribcage.
The flock consisted of 20 rams, 44 ewes, and 43 lambs, of which 21 were female and the remaining were castrated males.
And a rusa, a lewdly mischievous pantomime horse galloped the streets to bring virility to the farmers' stallions, bulls, rams and boars.
By this time 16,400 sheep had died as well as 2,700 cattle, 135 rams, 39 bullocks and 18 horses.
Burnside Autocyl Ltd, Tullow is a European leader in the manufacture of hydraulic cylinders and rams.
The high-speed tine rams push into the turf and then pull out quickly, leaving little or no scuffing at the top of the hole.
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Examples from Classical Literature
In Spain Cardinal Ximenes issued, in 1509, regulations on the selection of good rams for breeding.
She and her sister ship, the Choctaw, were side-wheel steamers altered into casemate ironclads with rams.
The word rendered rams is jubilee, the same as that given to the great year of Release.
The erector rotating rams were controlled by a similar valve, with four spindles, also operated by a single hand-wheel.
Since the spreader also rams the concrete, it is difficult to separate these two items.
She rams down about three times the regular load of powder, takes aim at a big buck that's pretty busy at the torturin', an' bangs away.
Modern rugby players might as well be army personnel as they risk life and limb to penetrate seemingly impenetrable battering rams.
There, year by year, the Athenian youths worship him with sacrifices of bulls and rams.
When the old bell-wether at the head rattles his bell, the mountains do indeed skip like rams and the little hills like lambs.
I took with me six cows and two bulls alive, with as many ewes and rams, intending to carry them into my own country, and propagate the breed.
Meanwhile he drove all the ewes inside, as well as the she-goats that he was going to milk, leaving the males, both rams and he-goats, outside in the yards.
To a herd of rams, the ram the herdsman drives each evening into a special enclosure to feed and that becomes twice as fat as the others must seem to be a genius.
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