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This drought broke emphatically in February 1973, with exceptional rainfall over South Australia and the eastern states.
As is typical of such storms, the main rainfall came of a sudden, like the turning of a tap in the heavens.
They both laboured to earn enough to take a lease on a small farm at Gumeracha, near Adelaide, but the land was poor and the rainfall scant.
Farmers select the most appropriate landrace for soil and rainfall conditions at a particular point in time.
Limited rainfall, high ambient temperatures, and a highly variable physical environment characterize Turkana district.
Spadefoot toads are desert-dwelling amphibians that breed opportunistically in short lived pools filled by periodic rainfall.
If rainfall or irrigation is excessive, nitrate will be leached below the plant?
Scattered depressions in the desert fill with water after a rainfall, retaining an alkaline residue as the water evaporates.
Unlike the water-saturated and rocky land further west, south-east Ireland boasts leafy grasses, moderate rainfall, and good drainage.
For winemakers in the Rhone, 2002 was a disastrous year, with violent storms and huge rainfall during the harvest.
In May and June rainfall may be erratic, resulting in a high risk for growth failure of early seeds.
Reduced infiltration will cause water ponding for longer periods following rainfall on a field with surface depressions.
Low rainfall and light soils of moderate fertility help control vine vigour and canopy here.
Summers are long and warm, clouds are held back by the forest, and, in the north of the region in particular, rainfall is light.
It was a dry month, with rainfall being only 47 per cent of average and reservoirs only 59 per cent full.
April's patchiness means that the good rainfall Aprils are the now-and-again events.
Meanwhile the big thaw and heavy rainfall left North Yorkshire drivers tackling roads covered in water.
Karst landscapes are developed wherever soluble carbonate rocks outcrop and where surplus rainfall is available to dissolve the limestone.
Communities in arid climates often implement strategies for dealing with a lack of rainfall.
It is an arid climate with a few registered inches of rainfall in a normal year.
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