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The petrol tank was leaking, and rags were soaked in the petrol on the ground and a lighted match applied.
Even without the rags and the apparent mistreatment of being held there, the man looked the perfect part of the poor man, the simple dockhand.
Only the children run and shriek and throw stones and wrestle like children everywhere, making balls out of rags.
They would have donned their glad rags a week later for the official opening on 8 May, the same day the town's gasworks opened.
People dress up to go out, so bring your glad rags and perhaps even a tie, if you're a bloke.
Reviewers are likely to mistake, if not nudity for new clothes, bizarre glad rags for haute couture.
A maid entered with rags, another with a steaming bowl of water, and a third with bandages and alcohol.
The next day the princess finds a splendid gown of shimmering satin laid out instead of her rags.
Athlete behavior is meant to be exemplary and virtuous and sustain the rags to riches myths of successful sports stars from humble origins.
His clothing was in rags and he was unwashed, hair stained and matted, traces of spittle dried upon his chin and chest.
But his eyes were drawn nevertheless to the filthy bundle of rags, the skeleton at the feast.
In the 1990s, fashionistas deemed it acceptable to mix and match pricey fashions with discount rags.
Even though she dressed in rags and her hair was uncombed, she was like an angel sent from heaven.
He had a wound both in his head and in his arm, both bandaged with blood-soaked rags.
As they got nearer, one of the doors swung open and a bent, hooded figure swathed in rags came shuffling out.
The sight of his old captain in rags, his eyes sunken, face unshaven and dirty and hair infested with lice, amused him.
Oh, ye crowds of rags and patches, frail, sinful and beggarly, what about it?
Have extra masking tape in several widths available along with scissors, a pencil and several rags to clean up spills.
They jumped as a lady dressed in rags and paste jewels stepped inside the room.
His clothes were rags, as was the satchel he carried, and he was boarding the third class plank.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Carquinez was ever a demon for haling ones soul out and making rags and tatters of it.
The boiler or digester is filled with dusted rags, and the requisite amount of alkaline solution added.
But there wos a brat all rags and dirty face and sauce as I was when you saw me fust.
The mouse goes to the physician, who demands rags, the ragman asks for the tail of the dog.
Refugees who had hidden in the woods came to the camps in rags and emaciation.
She saw something beneath the rags and Scotch terrier whiskers that she did not understand.
For just before us under the dump was a cave with walls of papers and rags.
Donkey dragging cart made of chair with bandbox-lid wheels, cart filled with odds and ends of tinware, old rags, etc.
I slipped into the lavatory, hastily doffed my glad rags, and climbed into flannel and dungarees once more.
We can see to it that the Patience girl gets some glad rags and some dope when she gets here.
Im playing with a cold deck, and though I cant see a blame thing wrong with the deal I notice I draw rags every time.
Entering the house they found a can of coal oil and plenty of rags, for a heap of worn-out clothing lay in a corner.
It was like a masquerade of rank and culture in the rags of misery, beseeming it as ill as an unsuitable part in a play.
Yes and we were compelled to exchange our perfectly good uniforms for some old rags that would disgrace a wharf rat!
All hands were called, and the rags were rolled up, and the gaskets passed.
Levi's companion dropped to the sand without a sound, like a bundle of rags.
This, in cleaning or washing, contracts and leaves the buttonhole edging, and in a few cleanings it is a mass of unmendable rags.
Its victims are found in all classes from the hod carrier in his bespattered rags up to the members of Congress in their ruffles.
Meanwhile, the proud Verbeena just roweled that lofty, haughty boy to rags.
Then she washed her face and hands, and tidied her rags of dress as well as she was able.
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