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Sentence Examples
The radiation dosage was 5000 rads, similar to what has been used for other domestic species.
Radiation doses are measured in rads or grays, where 1 gray equals 100 rads.
Ten rads per hour is several orders of magnitude more than a nuclear warhead would emit.
If the fins in the rads are damaged, bent over, rotted away, full of dead flies or cow cack, the cooling system will suffer.
The dose equivalent in rems is numerically equal to the absorbed dose in rads multiplied by the quality factor, which, for most medical radiation, is one.
She talked about rems and rads and roentgens per hour, and at first, he tried to memorize her words, but he wasn't able to commit the information to memory.
For example, ordinary first responders are instructed not to enter an affected area to save someone's life if they would accumulate a dose of 25 rads of radiation.
The single premium model of compact radiators on Column Rads includes a front panel with rear convector.
Examples from Classical Literature
The Rads have got hold of a stockjobber who is good for a thousand, and Maltman says they cannot fight him with less than that.
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