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The new party general secretary will no doubt be expected to play a role in quelling the ongoing unrest among hill tribes.
His fear bubbled to the surface, quelling the fire of his enthusiasm as he saw how irregular her breathing was.
I simply nodded, quelling that feisty, fiery side of me, and offered yet another ghost of a smile.
By all accounts, the court had a hard time quelling the resulting laughter and the judge summarily dismissed the case.
Concentration on the self, quelling the passions, and becoming calm are the hallmarks of this path, the goal of which is bliss.
She slid into paroxysms of laughter that she tried quelling with a tumblerful of Southern Comfort.
You'll be amazed at how much difference sunlight makes to quelling those anxious feelings.
After quelling the crowd somewhat, he and Mr. Timberlake gave each other a high-five.
The key early win was getting an interim city council elected on May 5, only two weeks after forces arrived to begin quelling widespread disorder.
He spent five years quelling rebellions and establishing Norman authority, building many castles and stocking them with men brought from Normandy.
The idea of quelling the legitimate resistance of an occupied people by the application of massive, gratuitous violence and murder, is not peculiar to Japan.
I get the impression that some in the broadcast media are more interested in spreading gloom to garner ratings than quelling people's uneasiness, or giving solid facts.
Any compromise with this scourge of majoritarian roguery, or any delay in quashing and quelling it out of existence, would only destroy democracy.
The crowds insisted that the law enforcement presence prompted violence instead of quelling it.
I could see her brave spirit quelling the riot of her emotions, shutting down the sluice-gate of tears.
However, after quelling Burnley's threat, Southampton failed to build on their growing danger culminating in Tadic's missed penalty.
It is likely he also may have been a junior officer in Britain in 368, during the quelling of the Great Conspiracy.
Personally, I don't think it matters either way but I think it does go some way towards quelling lad culture.
Many voters decided the NSDAP was capable of restoring order, quelling civil unrest, and improving Germany's international reputation.
The rebellion forced the Sultan Said bin Taimur to seek the assistance of the British in quelling the uprisings from the interior.
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Here also are the lawyers, impassioned for justice, for the quelling of human strife.
But at once quelling the storm within her, she sat down and began talking to their guest.
In this reconciliation thou wilt own I have an interest the happiness of my friend, and the quelling of dissension among my faithful people.
This was the quelling they brought, a scantness of drink that seized him.
With mood-care they mourned their own liege lord's quelling.
With difficulty he kept the ape from her throat, and after a time succeeded in quelling her fears.
Like a David before Goliath, he confronted Archie with a quelling eye.
He succeeded in quelling the broil and gave them a long lecture.
Arrechedera was not slow in quelling the disturbances in Balayan.
Man had a hundred means of quelling or forgetting a hapless passion.
He had all his life been looking for a chance of quelling a riot.
The Chinese central bank said that it was not the right time to relax monetary policy, effectively quelling speculation on a rate decision by the central bank.
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