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Yet at my own institute every science program we put on fills up a 3,000-person auditorium with paying members of the public.
The one silver lining of this Rand Paul ascension is that he would put these kooks out of business.
When she reached Hail, the Rashids were suspicious and put her under what amounted to house arrest in the royal complex.
Obsessive exercising and inadequate nutrition can, over time, put people at high risk for overuse injuries like stress fractures.
Grunwald amusingly describes how he finally desperately put his request to the president at a White House Christmas party.
Aries Coming out of an info-gathering phase, you must put down emotional roots lest you get lost in spinning thoughts.
In true Aquarian spirit, you must put the common good ahead of personal gain.
Vreeland believes that in the end, his grandmother put her subtle seal of approval on his lifestyle.
When he needed to put Rick Perry and Rick Santorum away during the primaries, by God he did it, and with aplomb.
Time to put to good use the suffrage and the education that our foremothers of all classes and colors worked hard to win us.
Is the last hurrah of the feminist movement to put a bunch of antiabortion Republican females in public office?
Again and again, he went above and beyond to put his personal bias, which is an anti-abortion bias, ahead of the rule of law.
For example, Kuwait recently put a limit the allowable amount of sodium in bread to lower blood pressure.
Jacintha, 46, spent days in intensive care and was put on a course of antidepressants for nine months.
But, his critics wonder, does having a name synonymous with street art put him at odds with the anti-establishment ethos of it?
It denotes the person that puts on the badge, puts on the blue uniform, and goes into the streets to put their life at risk.
Instead of guessing, put an asterisk in the vacant spot and have the search engine figure it out for you.
Betty Friedan put the feelings of our mothers to words, publishing The feminine Mystique.
I heard that at one point you were trying to put together a Batman musical on Broadway.
Police put out an all-points bulletin but fear that the men have already fled Britain.
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Later on I found him the same invaluable collaborator when Ariane was put on at the Opra.
I have never touched them since you put me to bed for breaking the baby doll.
You should put this sort of thing into the hands of some arithmetical hireling.
The anagrammatic argument had been neatly put by Sir Dudley Carleton, convincing no man.
The armet, or close helmet, fits the shape of the head to such an extent that it must be opened to be put on.
Polly took an armload of things away from her and put them back in the highboy.
There shall be put into her jaws a bridle that shall be made on the coast of Armorica.
She peered at a button on the go-chair's armrest which had just begun to put out small bright-blue flashes of light.
They also notified the parole board, who put out an all-points bulletin immediately.
I then put up my knife and watched anatta, Ballotti and Guiseppe cut the other two.
I put a finger to my lips, and gave her a look by which I succeeded in arresting her.
The retirement of the baby boom generation will put unprecedented strains on the federal government.
Anaya himself, with a small force, and means insufficient to put down the opposing faction, occupied the Presidio.
He now remembered that sixteen years before he had put in the almirah an egg he had found in the nest of a toontooni bird.
His coat is soiled and torn, his cravat is put on awry, and his linen is none of the cleanest.
I arrived in ancona on the 25th of February, 1744, and put up at the best inn.
Then he would hastily take down his ascensionist outfit and, swearing at himself, put it on.
Sir Oliver remonstrated with him and in such terms as to put heart into him anew.
The nest of this little bird is more loosely put together and more globular than that of the amadavat.
Just at this moment the door opened, and Miss Baby herself, looking most annoyingly handsome, put in her head.
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