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On his mission to Fort George he evidently perceived that there was to be no relief column from the pusillanimous Webb.
The other Congress chief minister cannot be described as pusillanimous by any stretch of imagination.
From the other end of the political spectrum come the pusillanimous speech codes on our college campuses.
Eventually, by its own lights, the movie stands or falls by what it has to say about race, and this is pusillanimous and muddled.
For the British, however, it has all turned to dust, surrendered by the pusillanimous politicians.
Perhaps by reviewing a few highlights from my former life I might be able to explain how I adopted this pusillanimous attitude.
Once again, those pusillanimous, patronising, mealy-mouthed lectionary compilers have excelled themselves.
Of course, these allegations do need to be investigated, but I can't help but suspect that the timing is at best pusillanimous.
He will not want to be remembered for tuition fees, nor for the pusillanimous creation of foundation hospitals.
And yes, incidentally, I do know that it's ignoble and cowardly and pusillanimous, but I'll swap you for a decent night's sleep.
He was just too pusillanimous to face me after I'd discovered that he had deceived me.
But I suppose we can rely on you to be as pusillanimous as ever.
The redemption of Judas, the challenges of pusillanimous leadership and the sin of overweening arrogance are handled deftly in this timeless tale.
You can thank a crowd of pusillanimous state legislators for that.
They are supposed to abhor pusillanimous or sycophantic behavior.
Neither of these pusillanimous reactions is remotely appropriate.
As the level of gambling increases, so does problem gambling that cannot possibly be avoided or dealt with by the pusillanimous measures in the bill.
But on this issue of Haredi service his pusillanimous silence has been disappointing and self-defeating.
Other words heard during the day were caliginous, creophagy and pusillanimous.
This pusillanimous creature thinks himself, and would be thought, a buck.
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Examples from Classical Literature
To remain where he was was certain death, and a shameful, pusillanimous death to boot.
It would have been pusillanimous, cowardly, and unworthy the Governor of the State.
He was of a mean appearance, and, like his father, pusillanimous to a degree.
Why, confound your pusillanimous souls, what do you mean by talking to me in that fashion?
The senators seemed to take a pleasure in pusillanimous adulation.
It was, to their minds, an anticlimax, a pusillanimous surrender.
There are such women, and they will love you just as readily as any pusillanimous product of bourgeois sheltered life.
It is astonishing how pusillanimous two years of invalidism can make one.
It is a pusillanimous desertion of our work to gaze after our neighbors.
Catharine was glad to have the pusillanimous Charles out of the way.
This counsel was indignantly derided by M'Lellan as pusillanimous.
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