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He strove to reach a balance between the musical preferences of fans and the band's own artistic pursuits.
They are seeking fulfillment in career pursuits as well as in their family life.
The transitoriness of life, introspection and spiritual pursuits, are his eternal themes.
Bott possesses a mean mullet haircut and a talent for sharpie dancing, amongst other dubious pursuits.
I took up pursuits and hobbies such as chess and bowls previously denied me.
The police insisted this was a coincidence and urged young people to avoid such drastic and fruitless pursuits.
Bramham Park is home to major three-day international horse trials and its rural setting is synonymous with countryside pursuits.
These extremely productive people like to be occupied in their leisure time with pursuits such as craftwork, hiking or reading.
Through use of her hands, Laura has shown a tremendous ability for such pursuits as art, needlework, craftwork and cookery.
In person, they're wonderful conversationalists that are modest about their achievements and passionate about their artistic pursuits.
Alongwith discharging his duties on different posts at different places, he continued his literary pursuits also.
That sits well with the yacht race, representing one of mankind's cleanest pursuits.
The problem is that a lot of visitors enjoy sedentary pursuits like fishing and sketching and they just become sitting targets for mosquitoes.
Others have become disgusted with politics and returned to non-political pursuits.
He engaged in meaningful employment, vocational pursuits and social interests.
The myopic child can be introverted, studious, and solitary, with no interest in ball games or outdoor pursuits.
I love how obsessed you are with truly girly pursuits like nail polish and self-portraits.
Therefore, trying to fill our emptiness with anything other than spiritual pursuits is like trying to plug a round hole with a square cork.
Unfounded generalisations and unproven claims are common in intellectual pursuits.
Modern snowshoes and backcountry ski and snowboarding equipment are making winter pursuits much more fun.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Versatile, yet persevering, he varied his pursuits, but he never abandoned any.
For with me to botanize is one of the dearest of pursuits, amounting to a veritable passion.
All pursuits that serve to connect the soul with the world whence it came are rejected.
He has the pursuits of a country gentleman, and the duties of a large landowner.
They had all been describing their individual pursuits and experiences of the morning.
None are excluded from achieving that diversification of pursuits among the people which brings wealth and contentment.
From prudence, natural inclination, and engrossment in other pursuits, Parmentier took no part in the political storm then raging.
What was our status in the business pursuits and gainful occupations at that time?
We allow her to judge in regard to the healthfulness of all other pursuits.
With their potential existence indeed, since over-strenuous pursuits may sterilise women absolutely as regards male offspring.
It is not incompatible but actually favourable to the pursuits of parliament.
My friend Tom has worked on a farm, while I have been engaged in mercantile pursuits.
The Wardian case has been instrumental in diffusing a love of these pursuits among all classes of society.
Both were kindly, both fond of open-air pursuits, and neither of them lazy.
In many of the picture-writings yum Kaax is represented as engaged in agricultural pursuits.
They had no thought of abandoning any of their pursuits or pleasures, be they never so deplorable.
Rabbinic studies did not occupy his mind to the exclusion of other pursuits.
And they make room for thee, and bid thee welcome, and then resettle to their hushed pursuits as if nothing had happened!
The fruits eaten temperately need not make us ashamed of our appetites, nor interrupt the worthiest pursuits.
One point cannot be too often urged in respect to horticultural pursuits.
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