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Oskar, disgusted that the singing children are so undisciplined, pulls out his drumsticks and begins to drum.
He took out his wedge, and after waggling it for a minute, he puts it back into the bag and pulls out a 5-iron.
I climb aboard the train a minute or two before it pulls out of the station and find to my horror that my seat is taken.
He pulls out his Iqaluit Legion membership card from his wallet, and flips it over.
Beth enters the kitchen, feeling the blast of warmth from the oven as Clark Durand pulls out a platter of warmed-up Chinese takeout.
But nobody ever pulls out a grenade launcher and wastes the guy with the battle ax.
In the same way, aerospace often pulls out of downturns after the rest of a slumping economy is back on its feet.
The bus pulls out with a whining of the motor, stops at a stoplight with the screech of air brakes, and then something wonderful may happen.
Usher saddles up and begins to ride away, but after rounding a rocky bend, he pulls out a hidden rifle and charges back into camp.
This stuff is a little softer than luncheon meat so it is more suitable as a winter bait since the hook pulls out of it nicely.
But when it counts, he really pulls out all the stops and that is why we have done so well.
I tend to think Duncan probably pulls out all the stops to help small business people.
He fishes into a battered black holdall, pulls out the manifesto and triumphantly taps his forefinger on the table.
Guy pulls out a small box covered in wrapping paper and places the videotape on a bed of tissue paper inside.
Ronald pulls out his wallet and peels off a ten-dollar bill, giving it to the younger man along with his ticket.
Essential for sleepovers, the truckle bed simply pulls out ready-for-use when friends come to stay.
Trinoth pulls out a bottle of white shower cleaner and a bottle that unclogs drains.
Indeed, Lila pulls out all the stops to escape punishment, from vamping her former lover, to playing upon his guilt, to attempting to kill him.
Eventually, when the trolley gets to me, the stewardess pulls out a tray and places it in front of me.
Eerie silence surrounds the Legco chamber as Leung pulls out a pack of tissues from her bag and wipes Tsang's eyes.
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My friend, Jack-boots, now pulls out a bull's-eye watch with two FOBS, and tells the time with a sort of sulky satisfaction.
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