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Sure enough, the ship is suddenly pulled down under the water and overwhelmed without explanation or warning by a massive explosion of waves.
Workers in Rotterdam harbour had struck for 24 hours, and young anti-capitalists pulled down a mock statue of the prime minister.
She pulled down the injunctions and ripped them up in a frenzy of anger and joy.
We got out some loppers and pulled down the plump yellow fruits, collecting them in a big basket.
Buildings go up in a rush of blood only to be pulled down a few years later.
He's wearing a cream safari jacket, white polo shirt, a dark blue cap pulled down over his forehead and huge, black-framed sunglasses.
Gabe stalked over to the weapons rack and pulled down two wooden staves, in a bad temper because his preferred sword hadn't been chosen.
The offenders were wearing balaclavas, scarves or hoods pulled down to cover their faces.
He says it would be the ultimate irony if the home of a man devoted to conserving York were to be pulled down.
The last thing she did before she pulled down the bag was take one last toke on the cigarette.
Sterling pulled down the beggar's hat so that it covered his ears and shadowed his upper face before he walked back the way he came.
She glared at him as she pulled down a coffee cup and slammed it down onto the counter with muted anger.
Stretching my legs, I pulled down the skirt I was wearing and tried to neaten my shirt.
Most people have no doubt that they are a money spinner and in some part of the country they are being pulled down.
He was wearing a motorcycle helmet and had the visor pulled down in front of his face.
When I was a boy we had the best bus shelter and toilet facilities in the country but like most things in Bessbrook they were pulled down.
Swinging her leg off the black, leather seat, she meekly pulled down her skirt which had hiked up to her upper thighs.
Gwen checked the girth, pulled down the stirrups and quickly swung into the saddle.
She pulled down her glove and stared at the red symbol on her palm, a basic crescent insignia.
It was being pulled down to make way for a larger, more commodious building.
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Examples from Classical Literature
I had pulled down as far as Greenwich with the ebb tide, and had turned with the tide.
Some have been pulled down entirely, and the site used for gaols or barracks.
Just before twelve calliope caught off her apron and pulled down her sleeves.
His large, light gray, campaign hat was pulled down well over his eyes and a short cob pipe was clinched between his teeth.
As long ago as 1705, they had pulled down the building of Peckwater quadrangle, in ch.
The stairs also were pulled down and burned, though there was no scarcity of firing.
Her hair was pulled down in disorder, and all the dogs were allowed to bark at her.
His coat was also blue, and he wore a forage cap pulled down over hair very fair in the firelight.
The trout rose as rapidly and gamily as on the previous day, and I soon had a load in my creel that pulled down uncomfortably.
They remorselessly pulled down, or patched meanly and sordidly, the old work.
Front windows should be shut, blinds and shades pulled down, and the outer or storm door of the house closed.
It was pulled down in 1547, but the substructure was left standing, and some private houses were erected upon it.
In order to carry out Legendre's plans, forty-nine houses had to be acquired and pulled down.
Well, Mr. Scantlebray, I understand the linney and cow-shed is to be pulled down.
The patient is in the lithotomy position, the speculum is passed and the cervix pulled down by a tenaculum.
He pulled down three-quarters of a liveable house and began a large granite Castle, and inhabits the gore of the house.
At the first upward zoom Ricky had pulled down the handle of his top gun and brought it into instant action.
The house was pulled down and the chteau erected, after the plans of mansard.
Since then I hear that the moot hall has been pulled down and its site thrown into the market-place.
About seventy years ago, those towers were pulled down, and rebuilt in their present octangular form.
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