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The show was a dark, noirish thriller about a psychopath working his way up through the ranks of a major corporation.
Morrison finds herself the hostage of a violent psychopath, trapped in a siege that cannot end without bloodshed.
He considers the Emperor was a cynic, a monster, a psychopath and a megalomaniac.
She has a boyfriend, who is not an aggressive psychopath like the stalker, but gentle and decent.
They told him that a violent psychopath had escaped from the local mental institution.
So, my critics can call me a psychopath and fire spitballs at me and froth at the mouth when an ex-president sends me a nasty letter.
The mere thought of that psychopath laying a finger on her at all made him cringe and shiver all over.
Marcus is a pitiless, fast-talking psychopath who can turn his disadvantages into yours in one sentence flat.
It may be a chicken-and-egg question, but what is the link between the corporation and the corporate psychopath?
Anti Vampire Club membership ranges from pirates to hermitic recluses to your common garden-variety psychopath.
Wilson plays Vann, a genteel psychopath who murders his victims with poisoned Amaretto after killing them with kindness.
He seemed to think the recorder was The Way to teach us music so he must have been a raving psychopath.
Here was a violent, dangerous and aggressive psychopath with a long criminal record who was totally unselective in his approach to women.
We have seen characters like this in many mob stories, the sadomasochistic psychopath who flaunts rank against reproach.
But a concerted campaign to brand him a psychopath is, to my mind, not merely gutter journalism but contemptible.
There's no universally agreed upon difference between the word sociopath and psychopath.
The applicant might be a dangerous psychopath who only mixes with people of a similar disposition, yet is immensely popular within that group.
The term antisocial personality is often used interchangeably with psychopath or sociopath and is connotative of many forms of deviant behavior.
The bad seed is the story of how Christine becomes aware that her daughter is, in modern terminology, a psychopath.
We certainly know that people who meet the diagnostic criteria for being a psychopath, have a very high risk of being violent and have a very high recidivist rate.
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For an accusation of physical coercion and threat of rape would be far less convincing from a psychopath.
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