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Sentence Examples
The point is that only real Friesians can pronounce the first words correctly.
So this time around, city officials hope election monitors will pronounce the process glitch-free.
All the mantras are in Sanskrit, but because our native language is Thai, it is difficult to pronounce the Sanskrit words.
A woman read the gospel with a helper at her side to pronounce the difficult words.
In all honesty, until a few weeks ago he had no idea how to pronounce the word.
As we get older we learn to read and write and hopefully pronounce the words correctly in whatever language we are raised.
Her tiny lips moved carefully as she attempted to sound out and then pronounce the difficult words.
To pronounce the dark 'l' in girl or world, unroll the tongue and press the tip up against the alveolar ridge just behind the teeth.
For example, it is permissible to pronounce the word Elohim when it is an obvious reference to human judges or false gods, or Tzeva'ot when it refers to armies.
Then, Kaga and four judges taste the food and pronounce the winner.
When the Commons demand judgment, but not earlier, the Lords may proceed to pronounce the sentence against the accused.
While standard Dutch and most Dutch dialects do not pronounce the final n, West Flemish typically drops the e and pastes the n to the base word.
Those near a dying man encourage him to pronounce the Shahada as Muslims want their last word to be their profession of faith.
Comrades, here and now I pronounce the death sentence upon Snowball.
Scotty will report to Captain Kirk that the lightbulb in the Engineering Section is burned out, to which Kirk will send Bones to pronounce the bulb dead.
In contrast, less educated speakers pronounce the merge more frequently.
Examples from Classical Literature
When he came to table, Fandor noticed that he forgot to pronounce the Benedicite.
If you do not know what a pirouette is, you must get some one to explain and pronounce the word for you.
Did Whitfield pronounce the word Mesopotamia like a wind harp sighing exquisite music?
Well, you see, hes the only fellow in the club who knows how to pronounce the names of those Russian and Polish jawbreaker towns.
He could not pronounce the name without a stiffening of the muscles of his throat.
Jackson through inability of his shipmates to pronounce the name he had signed on the ship's articles.
And Gervasio came down to pronounce the nuptial blessing over us.
The audience were too much interested in the question not to pronounce the Prince's assumed right altogether indubitable.
Her voice faltered so that she could not pronounce the word gratitude.
Let us pronounce the mystic Om, from the pit of the stomach, and proceed.
I doubt whether Eustace did not internally pronounce the whole thing a bore, until I led him to my predecessor's little ruined, rustic summer house, midway on the hillside.
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