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The French translation ran to ten printings by June 1791.

Early printings of this dictionary contained the famous dord.

All were replaced in later printings by the or that, respectively.

In 1999 first printings of his fantasy novel Stardust were released.

The book was generally well received, and sold out its first print run of 750 copies, prompting further printings in 1882.

First published in November 1726, it was an immediate hit, with a total of three printings that year and another in early 1727.

Priced at five shillings, it was more expensive than most political pamphlets, but by the end of 1790, it had gone through ten printings and sold approximately 17,500 copies.

Neither of these editions are mentioned by any writers before the 19th century, nor have any other copies been found, which suggests they were very small printings, and that the publication of Columbus's letter may have been suppressed in Spain by royal command.

Since being released last month in the United States it has gone through 11 printings.

(Both my review copy and the one I was given as a present are third printings, worse luck.

The American paperback has gone through more than 20 printings.

Printings of his work in the vernacular remained few in number — seven in French, five in English, and five in Italian.

Printings are offered to the customer under different kinds.

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