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Precisely defined yet enticingly elusive, prime numbers occupy a central place in number theory.
Eratosthenes's sieve drains out composite numbers and leaves prime numbers behind.
Primitive Pythagorean triangles are a bit like prime numbers in that every integer is either prime or a multiple of a prime.
The last sequence is of course the sequence of prime numbers, the indivisible numbers that can only be divided by themselves and one.
He attached great significance to prime numbers, like seventeen, seven and one.
Every positive integer can be factored into the product of prime numbers, and there's only one way to do it for every number.
Another way the film startles is its highfalutin talk about prime numbers, chaos theory and French post-impressionist painters.
And what they find is a long sequence of prime numbers that comes to earth from outer space as a radio signal.
So today it's time for some fascinating facts about prime numbers.
Because six is the product of the first two prime numbers and is adjacent to the next two prime numbers, many senary fractions have simple representations.
On this base we distinguish spectral classes in dependence on the divisibility of the partial denominators by prime numbers.
The prime numbers are infinite, there for any proof that depends on their exhaustibility is flawed.
His work has also shown that prime numbers bunch together in clusters as well as in pairs.
In the RSA scheme, the secret key consists of two prime numbers that are multiplied together to create the lengthier public key.
Palindromic prime numbers are those which read the same backwards as forwards.
Given a list of consecutive numbers starting at 1, the Sieve of Eratosthenes algorithm will find all of the prime numbers.
Rempe-Gillen and Waldecker present this primer on prime numbers and their detection, framing the discussion with the usefulness of prime numbers in computing and encryption.
Never-ending squares Square numbers and prime numbers are important and your internet security only works because the prime numbers never run out.
It is probable, a role is played here by the fact that the prime number fractions or ratios are more fundamental quantities than the prime numbers themselves.
Only a few years ago Mr. Powers, an American computer, disproved a hypothesis about prime numbers which had held the field for more than 250 years.
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In Diagram A we have a magic square in prime numbers, and it is the one giving the smallest constant sum that is possible.
Our puzzle, therefore, resolves itself into forming a magic square with nine different prime numbers.
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