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Quebec's falconers have the right to allow their birds of prey to soar overhead but the birds are forbidden to swoop down and nab other beasts.
Unable to sleep, Roza took to wandering the castle aimlessly, once again prey to her restless and relentless torment.
He spoke out against abusers of aid for the victims, ensuring that funds didn't fall prey to charity scams.
This forces parched buffalo, waterbucks, and other lion prey to gather at one of the few remaining sources of water.
Snakes are prey to many animals, including large birds, foxes, raccoons and crocodiles.
He may have been prey to last-minute doubts, but the more likely explanation was that his visit was a prelude to an approval.
At present, this record of ancient history is slowly falling prey to vandalism, theft, tourism and ignorance.
American paddlefish are predators of zooplankton and prey to other fishes, birds, and humans.
Albatrosses fall prey to longlines, baited hooks stretched for miles across the oceans by commercial fishing fleets.
We fall prey to it because we continue to attribute characteristics to groups while ignoring genuine gender differences.
The clam worm, which scavenges food, may not require jaws as hard as those of the bloodworm, which thrusts its jaws into prey to inject venom.
A newcomer could easily get lost in its tunnels, and the unwary is easy prey to predatory wasps or mantises.
Usually early migrants, the first ouzel's song echoes round the hills and the first birds fall prey to merlins and peregrines.
He seemed a black lump looming over the desk like a vulture on a high tor, waiting for his prey to walk into his clutches.
Don't trust their bright shining lies, don't fall prey to their traducements and self-enamored pieties.
The writer's body finds itself dismantled, brutalised, shook up, helpless, useless puppet, prey to disorganised ideas.
In Northeast China, a Siberian tiger was recently found killed after it fell prey to a trap originally set by the locals for boars.
These creatures are prey to vertebrates like birds, mouse opossums, salamanders, and frogs.
Alison usually wasn't so skittish, but people around her didn't often fall prey to killers bent on revenge.
Only a few runts, chicks whose parents had perhaps fallen prey to a toothy leopard seal, are left behind to feed the skuas.
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Examples from Classical Literature
You must be indeed a prey to illusions, if you mistake an Englishwoman for Azrael.
During 1817 Irving was mostly in the depths of gloom, a prey to the monotony of life and torpidity of intellect.
From the beginning of the 4th century they began to die out in the West, or rather they fell a prey to manichaeism.
The young ones take to the water as soon as they are hatched, but they often fall a prey to the marsh harrier.
The Lovelace of to-day is a troglodyte, biding his time patiently, but often a prey to ennui.
English serious opera has not often fallen a prey to the untender mercies of the parodist.
As a whole the midinette class is badly fed and therefore delicate and too often a prey to consumption.
He is a dispeopler of his kingdom and a prey to his enemies, an undelightful friend and a tormentor of himself.
Instead of this, I have to wait for you, a prey to fears that tear at my heartstrings.
No, we've fallen a prey to the glamour of Teutonism, and of being expedient and Hunnish.
It was as if she were amused, not absent-minded nor yet a prey to the feminine immorality of ingratiation.
He sank down upon the charpoy, a prey to the most realistic horrors that could be conjured up by a dull imagination.
Was Napoleon, during his campaign in Russia, a prey to the most horrible pangs of dysuria, or was he not?
Each morning she awoke with hope, and each night she was a prey to despondency.
The lealest lover time can show, Doomed for a lady-love to languish, Among these solitudes doth go, A prey to every kind of anguish.
Prada again felt worried, a prey to the discomfort of uncertainty.
Bishop Henry fell prey to the stereotype of Black as some kind of a 19th century robber baron striding across the faces of the workers.
As soon as I had changed my clothes I went up on to the platform, and, a prey to conflicting emotions, I sat down near the binnacle.
Hippolyte turned upon him, a prey to maniacal rage, which set all the muscles of his face quivering.
In his jaded condition Kenneth soon became a prey to the depression of it.
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