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Critical to Calvinism was the doctrine of predestination, which regarded the salvation or damnation of each soul as preordained.
But if the story of Poland tells us anything, it is that a nation's success or failure is never preordained.
Make the most of the two worlds, the world you have graced with your arrival, and the world hereafter you are preordained to return to.
One can no longer argue that human suffering is certain and preordained without being judged conscienceless, even inhuman.
The coming correction was preordained by bad policy choices backed by erroneous economic theories.
He remembered seeing planes flying across the sky to some preordained destination and the feeling of wanting to join them on their voyage.
While this was the largest battle of WWII, the outcome was preordained because the Russians dug in line after line of complicated defenses.
According to palmistry, there are certain preordained events which will mark our journey though life and will not be avoided, only predicted.
But who can help but feel differently about an athlete who is genetically preordained for success?
What would happen if I decided to choose a different path then what's been preordained?
Rather than being a preordained victory for a Prussian steamroller, the war was a fascinating and uncertain contest between two rival military systems.
Instead of a rhyme scheme, the words at line end in the first stanza recur according to a preordained arrangement in the subsequent sexains and in the envoy.
The witches generally represent some version of the Fates and make Macbeth believe that life is preordained.
It was supposedly preordained, ever since Peyton Manning shredded the Baltimore Ravens for seven touchdowns in the season opener.
But I thought it was worth underscoring because when it comes to science, we assume all previous discoveries were preordained.
This exhibition reminds us that such a result was hardly preordained.
Are we to believe that villainy preordained Egypt's crepuscule, a dark place?
It is peculiar rather than universal, accidental rather than teleologically preordained.
It appealed to those in opposition of Calvinism, which includes the belief that the destiny of each individual is preordained.
Historical destinies are directional, not precisely preordained.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Nature has kindly preordained that there shall be no bar in the intimate relations of humanity and asininity.
If the progress of humanity is preordained, what need for man to use his puny powers?
Whatever may befall thee, it was preordained for thee from everlasting.
And the now conscious stars have preordained this moment for my happiness.
It is preordained that I am to be nothing but a cumberer of the ground.
Barbara knew that whether she was late or punctual had been preordained.
Its refusal is dictated by a preordained decree which it is bound to obey.
Even before Mr Garcia's statement I was questioning how anybody could have confidence in a report which seemed to have a preordained outcome.
At a time of huge political, economic and security challenges, polls with preordained results are no way to inspire the public.
But, like neoliberalism, the voracious penal Moloch grown by America is not a preordained necessity.
Hamel, if we should disagree, it is I who am the preordained victor.
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