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I am so preoccupied with my obsessions that I am not capable of seeing one step back or one step ahead.
Velazquez painted a face of preoccupied gravity, of someone with great concerns.
Certainly Dionne, preoccupied as he is with his game of gotcha, makes no effort to refute it.
She is preoccupied with the supernatural, in this particular instance ghostly presences.
Although he makes provision for his soul, it is only in general terms and he is not preoccupied with the matter.
The magistrate was preoccupied with other matters and was not listening closely.
Though he may still be a fundamentalist of art, he is no longer preoccupied by eschatology.
The religion of the Pilgrims did not seem to be much preoccupied with questions of cosmology and cosmogony.
So preoccupied was she that she failed to notice a small floor lamp and ran smack into it, books scattering everywhere.
Thethi was married into a feudal family and her husband, Unni Namboodiri, who was preoccupied with poojas and religious rites, ignored her.
Tolkien was more preoccupied with his invention of an artificial mythology than with character development.
He's just leaning back, looking preoccupied chewing on the nail of his first finger.
I was preoccupied with this useless energy when a huge man approached with an intent look on his face.
It is now preoccupied by a fight with the left for control of the party at its congress this month.
In Japan, he sees political parties solely occupied in securing power and preoccupied in increasing strength and influence.
Well, it should have been yesterday, but I was preoccupied with preparing for my French oral.
On the whole, the evidence suggests that he was generally too preoccupied with his North American dreams and schemes to do solid onomastic work.
Home to her were the harsh, cruel streets in a city too preoccupied to care.
Much of this debate so far has been preoccupied with the hardware of the military.
They are so preoccupied with puffing up their own image and self-esteem that everything else just has to go hang.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Long, as if the person knocking were preoccupied in mind, and forgot to leave off.
Katherine was neither preoccupied nor distrait, or unamused even by the small accidents and absurdities of travel.
The traveler was certainly too hurried and preoccupied to think of doughnuts.
The toy duck was still in the soap-dish, but I was too preoccupied to give it a thought.
Also in this year Whistler was very preoccupied with the art of lithography.
Indeed, egotistically preoccupied with his own side of the case, he had scarcely bestowed a thought on hers.
And he began to pirouette slowly round the room with a preoccupied expression.
And, receiving an affirmatory nod from the preoccupied gambler, he went on.
He studied her body again, that passionless, preoccupied frown on his face.
Helena stood preoccupied and hesitant, hardly hearing what he said, as I fancy.
If he were so entirely preoccupied with this creature, he would not woo me.
Even the preoccupied girl looked on in fascination at a rapidity of unwasted movement suggesting a conjuring feat.
Yet, like all men who are preoccupied with their own broadness, he was exceptionally narrow.
Helen was preoccupied with her saxifrage and her purple gloves.
In the later canvas, Renoir is less preoccupied with details.
Firstly, my mind was too preoccupied to be able to take in the subject clearly.
But here, preoccupied though he was, he could not fail to notice the picturesqueness of the place.
His mind was preoccupied with unraveling the mystery of Rita.
She nodded assent, listlessly, evidently preoccupied with something else.
Name preoccupied by Lepus borealis sylvaticus Nilson, 1832, from Sweden.
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