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A broader preoccupation with conjugal relationships in Victorian politics, literature, and art was probably also a factor.
The human body was the main preoccupation of High Renaissance artists and they often depicted it nude.
In fact, Javanese cats, like the Siamese and other Siamese-related breeds often have a preoccupation with food.
Following closely to this preoccupation with asceticism was monasticism which spread with incredible rapidity.
It is a preoccupation, keeping the individual from being totally present, in the here and now.
And preoccupation with the unatoned murder of his grandfather was the beginning of his quest for his own origin.
However that preoccupation would not be shared by an ordinary unimaginative skilled man reading this document at the priority date.
But further afield, in New York and Boston, he was attacked for his preoccupation with small-town adultery.
His fascination with the capacity of video to bridge such incomprehensible distances might suggest a preoccupation with instantaneity.
A part of us was with him, a part of us resented our teacher's niggardly preoccupation with formal integrity, and we longed for liberation.
Nonetheless, Claire fetishizes the black body as she projects her own preoccupation with flesh upon her lover, Paupaulekejo.
So they went for a Cardinal, a hardedged enforcer with a Germanic preoccupation with discipline and order.
Obedience cannot, moreover, be a matter for isolated preoccupation, in the search for models for our imitation.
Preparing sermons has been the focus of my life, my struggle, my joy, my preoccupation, my occupation and my vocation.
He compares the preoccupation with the extremes of the Jacobeans to the extremes of recent playwrights.
At times, catching bubbles with a butterfly net might seem to provide a more worthwhile preoccupation.
The nineteenth-century preoccupation with orientalism provided a strong design influence well into the twentieth century.
On the margins, the contest is just as threatening, and bypassing trouble is becoming a preoccupation for many.
People with narcissistic personality disorder have an inflated sense of their own importance and an extreme preoccupation with themselves.
This non-stop preoccupation with health matters is terribly boring, I'm afraid.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Perhaps the most notable feature of this period was a preoccupation with permanency.
But no matter in what direction they started, circuitously they always found their way into the field of main preoccupation.
Coemgen's petulance at the preoccupation of the bereaved monks is in keeping with other traditions of that peppery saint.
The office force noticed his preoccupation and commented upon it.
Despite his preoccupation, Captain Zelotes could not help smiling.
She moved about perfunctorily, with an air of preoccupation.
He was not, however, dissuaded from his preoccupation with horology.
The companions of my idle hours noticed my preoccupation and chaffed me about it in a rather obvious way.
His preoccupation was so great that an automobile, rounding a corner, missed him by inches as he crossed the road.
That exclusive preoccupation of my mind was as dangerous to Senor Ortega as typhoid fever would have been.
Its huge multiple eyes stared with machinelike preoccupation at the world.
He is the one thing that is hated, and the only preoccupation.
Often across this preoccupation there flitted a thought of the Richlings.
It was impossible for her to conceal her preoccupation and anxiety.
Even my preoccupation about the Time Machine receded a little from my mind.
Changes in self-perception and behavior, caused by this idealization, can lead to body dissatisfaction, a preoccupation with weight, and other symptoms of eating disorders.
Similarly, the national chairman of the APC, John Odigie-Oyegun, has explained that Buhari's main preoccupation would be cleaning the Augean stables if he secures victory.
It involves sordid preoccupation, endless industry, continual wrong.
I came to it by accident, and without any manner, of preoccupation in The Cossacks, one of his early books, which had been on my shelves unread for five or six years.
His face and manner plainly expressed anxiety and preoccupation of mind.
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