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Sentence Examples
For instance, I'm not looking ahead to my 30th birthday with any sort of premonitory dread.
At home, one reaction has been a revival of premonitory scenarios of gloom.
After the shockingly unexpected death of their daughter, they find themselves confronted by strange premonitory visions.
The whole is accompanied by a ghostly, premonitory sound of deep tolling bells.
All the same, there are two passages in the book that I found eerily premonitory of what she would do ten years later.
I even had a dream that proved premonitory, in which I did go home for the holidays and I was miserable.
At this moment a faint chill, like the first premonitory symptom of an illness, falls upon Jones.
The best known tradition connected to this night concerns matrimony and premonitory dreams.
If you experience premonitory pains, please consult a physician immediately.
With an almost imperceptible touch, the narrator connects up this oneirism of names with the premonitory signs of the vocation that Remebrance is said to recount.
Apart from the visual aura, other premonitory symptoms include photophobia and phonophobia, fatigue, neck stiffness, blurred vision and difficulty in concentrating.
Examples from Classical Literature
Mr. Jabez gave premonitory symptoms of a small joke by increasing in shininess.
The group of symptoms known as paresthesia are rather common as premonitory symptoms of cerebral apoplexy.
There is a kind of premonitory apology implied in my saying this, I am aware.
Without the slightest premonitory symptoms of astrology, and being withal no horologe consulter, I yet do love the stars.
As for the premonitory symptoms, they are in the air for several weeks.
There was already a premonitory touch of autumn in the bright air.
Without even a premonitory shout a pony bolted for us, from their huddle.
There is a darkly premonitory duet for Lysiart and eglantine.
By some fishermen his approach is regarded as premonitory of the advance of the great sperm whale.
And so I never did feel so happy as I did when my ninth downed its man and I detected the wavering in the crowd which is premonitory of panic.
It wanted five minutes to twelve, when the premonitory symptoms of the working of the laudanum first showed themselves to me.
They pulled on in silence till Tess, without any premonitory symptoms, burst out crying.
I was undressing in my own room, when, with a premonitory tap at the door, he entered, and at once began to speak.
Meanwhile, a premonitory symptom of revolution had occurred in Geneva.
Tourette symptoms will also be evaluated via the Premonitory Urge for Tics Scale as well as Clinical Global Impression of Change scales, among others.
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