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So if you feel compelled to bedazzle your boss, unless she praises you every time she sees you, you'll always feel you failed.
Today, we are told, is a time to sing the praises of all that is great about being part of the historic county of Yorkshire.
You may have to belt a torch song up to that balcony bar to drown out the praises being hosannaed onto chef-owner.
Already enamoured of the small Canadian town, he began to hymn its praises in verse which he read to public gatherings.
Until people realize this, the bad boys will have to sing their own praises to avoid being left on the shelf.
As she made her way to the airport on Monday she could not stop singing the praises of St Lucia.
This hymn praises the Savior who stands over all creation and through whom all things, tapanta, are created and all things are held together.
He showered praises on the union parliamentary minister saying he enjoys the full support of Congress men in the state.
The citation praises in particular the penthouse flat which it describes as a tour de force.
Mahler sang his praises, and Puccini said he had twice as much talent as he needed.
In this pericope there is no donkey colt, no crowd of pilgrims shouting praises, no waving of palm branches, no hosannas.
He praises her perfection in hyperbolic, mythological terms in the long speech which precedes the choric conclusion to the play.
A religious Jew tries to bring holiness into everything they do, by doing it as an act that praises God, and honours everything God has done.
What is the significance for us of the saint who sang divine praises in the sudatorium that was being used as her torture chamber?
Since, according to the legend, she retired as a hermit, her example could be employed to sing the praises of the contemplative life.
It was impossible not to overhear the hard-edged voice from the next room stridently singing the praises of men wearing khaki.
Not only does he have a grating voice, but he merely describes what is going on on-screen when not singing his own praises.
Earlier in the chapter, Hannah recites a canticle not unlike Mary's as she praises God for Samuel and offers him to God.
This was especially true of those nifty seniors who were loud in their praises of this handy bus service.
They are singing their praises for the starkly dualistic moral judgements that have defined this administration's foreign policy.
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Examples from Classical Literature
For the praises of God will beget no disgust, neither will they ever cease.
They must lessen our faults, appear to excuse them, intersperse praises and evidence of love and esteem.
He would have said more, even to praises of Berlin, but the girl raised her ringless hand and shook her head wearily.
If he designed the building, his architectural taste does not merit the praises she lavishes on it.
Leigh Hunt praises Mr. Mathewss valets and old men, but condemns his nervous restlessness and redundance of bodily action.
He encountered the abashed and awestricken Kipps with the praises of his system and himself.
Gideon and tholus thy enemies put to smart, Jair and Jephtha gave praises to thy name.
They were lavish in their praises of its luxuriance, its fruits, its game, and its birds of brilliant plumage.
The Scotch name of this shrub is blaeberry, the praises of which are often sung in Northern ballads.
And Alexander never chuckled half so much to hear his praises sung, as coachee did at the thoughts of his victory.
Both Sir Brook and trafford were enthusiastic in their praises of the spot.
All the sailors had a kind word for him, and many were the praises which he received in the forecastle.
She was anxious to talk of her niece, and to relate how she had been singing my praises to Monny.
The heart of the shepherdess had instinctively vibrated to the praises of simplicity.
I wanted to see what he looked like, Nadine had been sounding his praises so.
The turtle soup, flavoured with aromatic herbs, often gained well-merited praises for its preparer, Neb.
I allude to these sorrowful things only to prevent your praises of me at Hermon's expense.
And did you not, moreover, sing the praises of Aeschylus of Phlius in my ears and mine in his?
There is no measure or end of my praises, and yet 'tis fit my oration have an end.
The turtle soup, flavored with aromatic herbs, often gained well-merited praises for its preparer, Neb.
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