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Sentence Examples
Little is known about him except that he was curule aedile c.67, praetor c.64, and later a pro praetor.
When Caesar was a praetor, he supported a tribune who wanted Pompey recalled to restore order in Rome.
Once again, elections were held for aedile, praetor, quaestor and the other traditional offices of the Republic.
As praetor 148, he was sent to Macedonia, probably with proconsular status, and remained until 146, defeating Andriscus and perhaps another pretender.
He was plebeian aedile 199 and praetor 198, when he may have carried the Porcian law which extended the right of provocatio to cases of scourging.
He received the title of Caesar and was appointed praetor with consular power.
This edict contained detailed descriptions of all cases, in which the praetor would allow a legal action and in which he would grant a defense.
Because during this procedure the praetor had granted, or denied, litigation by granting or denying, respectively, an actio.
To boot, seizing the opportunity, Junius Otho, a praetor, and Brutidius Niger, an aedile, submitted an additional charge of maiestas.
By 88, he was made praetor under Domitian, and he was also a member of the quindecimviri sacris faciundis.
In the provinces, the consul or praetor and his legates received authority to deal directly with the contractor.
Ordinary soldiers would see all the officers training with them including the praetor, or the Emperor, if he was in camp.
His father, Lucius Julius Graecinus, was a praetor and had become a member of the Roman Senate in the year of his birth.
When neither consul was within the city, their civic duties were assumed by the praetor urbanus.
By granting the actio the praetor in the end has created claims.
As the years went on, recognition for Caesar's political, military, and oratory skills grew and he easily earned the positions of praetor and consul.
The political career of Vespasian included the offices of quaestor, aedile, and praetor, and culminated with a consulship in 51, the year of Domitian's birth.
He was tribune of the plebs in 66 and praetor on June 68, during which time he was ordered by the Governor of Spain Galba to take an inventory of the temple treasures.
Examples from Classical Literature
He ordered the praetor of the city to arrest the Pope and conduct him to prison.
As if the praetor should fairly dismiss him from the stage, whom he had taken in to act a while.
If only she who is gone might have had the joy of hearing me called senator and praetor!
The praetor delegated his power to three classes of judges, called respectively judex, arbiter, and recuperator.
Hasten with this, Davus, to the praetor, at the amphitheatre.
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