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How to use pollyanna in a sentence

Looking for sentences and phrases with the word pollyanna? Here are some examples.

Sentence Examples
You pollyanna boys want to go around thinking the business world is honorable and reasonably decent.... Listen to me.
Pollyanna was just six weeks old when she was diagnosed as having the condition.
Yet she is never a Pollyanna, eager to use the amazing accomplishment of her formal acumen to distract us from what she observes.
My inner Pollyanna can be quite the jargon-spewing tub-thumper when she wants to be.
Only time will tell if I rub off on him at all with my Pollyanna ways, but I'm putting my money on good over bad!
Insofar as this is self-delusion rather than outright deceit, he is a Pollyanna.
I am not Pollyanna suggesting that there isn't an issue around money in a lot of our situations.
It's easy to put a Pollyanna stamp on Anne, but I think it's a generalization which does a disservice to what Lucy Maud wrote.
More recently he has lurched to the other extreme and talked in Pollyanna terms about Canada snapping out of recession before anyone else.
For crying out loud, the NDP, the new Pollyanna party, really needs to get real.
Wasn't it soullessness that I must perceive in him for myself to be perceived here as other than a Pollyanna?
Maybe, I'm just a middle-aged Pollyanna, but that isn't the world I see.
A couple of years at the White House would turn Pollyanna into Machiavelli.
As a marriage partner, one is challenged, on the one hand, with being a wet blanket to great visions, and, on the other hand, with having a Pollyanna naivete.
Yet what could be more cynical than spoon-feeding this Pollyanna presidency to disenfranchised liberals?
Now you must realize that this is true or the rest of what I am saying will indeed sound like Pollyanna nonsense.
For us to imagine, in a Pollyanna fashion, that they will go away belies the fact that they will not go away.
Perhaps I am being a Pollyanna but my impression is that the new editor of the New York Times is trying to swing the paper back closer to middle ground.
And I don't want to be a Pollyanna but it's not impossible all these changes that we are now seeing in the Middle East might some day make that more possible.
I have rambled about the paltry, small stuff that is my life today and I still can't work out whether to be totally peed off, or nauseatingly Pollyanna about it all.
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Examples from Classical Literature
It is a fine thing to read a story like Pollyanna and get all excited over it.
Over and over again she was wondering just what sort of child this Pollyanna was, anyway.
He looked like Pollyanna, after eight or ten shots at the middleweight title.
My niece, Miss Pollyanna Whittier, is coming to live with me.
Pollyanna died and, of course, she was glad and went to Heaven.
With the tips of her fingers Miss Polly turned over the conglomerate garments, so obviously made for anybody but Pollyanna.
Pollyanna drew back at once, laughing a little hysterically.
Pollyanna, be good enough, please, to stand erect in a proper manner.
Without speaking, Pollyanna turned and followed her aunt from the room.
Pollyanna, smiling bravely now, flew about, hanging the dresses in the closet, stacking the books on the table, and putting away the undergarments in the bureau drawers.
When, in less than a week, however, Pollyanna brought home a small, ragged boy, and confidently claimed the same protection for him, Miss Polly did have something to say.
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