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Sentence Examples
Caricaturing a Boss Tweed might have colored perceptions of Boss Tweed, maybe even of big city political bosses wherever they were to be found.
To the contrary, he had established a reputation for taking on corrupt political bosses and powerful corporations.
But they felt discriminated against by the local political bosses and feudal lords who ran the city.
This is written by people who have an interest in pitting me against the current political bosses.
There were delegates, but political bosses and backroom deals typically had great influence on the nominations.
If I'm asking you questions that should probably be answered by your political bosses, I'm sensitive to your position.
I wonder if you could comment on that-and if you want to get back to your political bosses, I quite understand.
Isn't their job to advise their political bosses against wrongs?
In recognition of this, NATO's political bosses have drawn exactly the wrong conclusion.
They haven't been reined in by the political bosses because they are shaky and unsure.
If its political bosses keep squabbling with Eureko, the foreign roadshows may have to be called off.
The big question is what role will the PRI choose to play, having lost the presidency but still holding power in many state and local governments as well as solid ties with local political bosses and powerful economic groups.
But Nicholson was faithful to his political bosses.
There were congressmen, district attorneys, local political bosses.
However, we know there are opposition MPs who tell their constituents that they will stand up to their political bosses in Ottawa and vote to protect the local way of life for their constituents.
Local strongmen-whether generals, landowners, political bosses, 'narcos', leaders of paramilitary groups or guerrilla fronts-have frequently held more regional power than the national government.
So have too many of their political bosses.
Several conservative local political bosses were dumped.
Yorkshire's political bosses were particularly upset.
Examples from Classical Literature
Collective responsibility lies with the state and police administration, they had overacted to please their political bosses.
Do top civil servants attempt to, and sometimes succeed in, outmanoeuvring their political bosses?
He has succeeded in propitiating both divine powers and political bosses with equal finesse.
In another tweet, he said, Najeeb Jung is a good man with bad political bosses.
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