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They only talk about it as an attempt at exploitation, domination and plunder.
Occasionally it was good custom to plunder the palace of the freshly deceased Pontifex Maximus.
Sierra Leone was the object of similar plunder, leaving an acephalous state in rampant disorder only to be stabilised by British Tommies.
Three weeks of rapine, slaughter and plunder were sufficient to anger the king and the emperor, who entered into negotiations with each other.
The speaker worked his way through plunder, ravishment and seditious behavior.
At that time, the modern nation-state began to regularize taxation and renounce the use of surprise plunder and confiscation as fiscal devices.
With those resources, there's no need to plunder the Arctic Wildlife Refuge or support repressive regimes like the Saudi monarchy.
It is essentially a cover to force countries to open up their markets for multinational corporations to plunder.
In the north and west where towns and markets were few, plunder and tribute remained central to the circulation of wealth.
They began to fashion their dwellings after those of the Skraelings and not plunder the earth.
If they are not oil rich sheikhs who plunder their country, they are poor uneducated townsfolk who desperately want to be liberated.
He spoke wistfully of the war when his father was able to run out between air raids and plunder unexploded bombs.
By the time the scattered troops were mustered, the enemy was already returning home and had to be ambushed in passing while laden with plunder.
The spoils of plunder were divided between temples, with the victor keeping his share.
Often, cavalry came out to harass enemy armies as they scattered to plunder, slowing down progress even further.
Free radicals careen through your bloodstream and indiscriminately plunder unpaired electrons from unsuspecting molecules.
On occasions woodchats have been known to plunder the nests of other birds, which may explain the anxiety of a pair of stonechats nearby.
Throughout the history of nations, inflation has been a time-honored and subtle method for governments to plunder its citizenry.
These treasure hunters were coarse and greedy types whose only intention was plunder.
To be sure, force may no longer take the form of plunder and extortion, and fraud may no longer appear as deliberate imposture and chicanery.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Tarquin makes war on the Volsci, and, with the plunder taken from them, builds a temple to Jupiter Capitolinus.
The Alani were in search of plunder, and strongly disposed to obtain it from Roman provinces.
During their plunder they found a great quantity of provisions and ammunitions stored126 up for the use of the fleet.
In their voyage they took a Portugueze barque, wherein they had rich plunder.
No doubt the caiman had been attempting to plunder the new-laid eggs of the tortoise, and the latter had detected him in the act.
The English and Enniskilleners entered Cavan, and at once began to plunder the place.
Col. Bush asked if this man Blackman, who took out a commission in order to depredate and plunder, is still living?
He will then proceed to plunder and discrown the very kings that had assisted him in erecting his colossal power.
Maloosray had brought a hundred of his brethren in that durra, and he had promised them the plunder.
The farmers and dalesmen were always careful to plunder the eyries, but not without considerable risk to life and limb.
The forager encumbered with the weight of his plunder finally dropped it and made his escape.
Most stragglers were real sufferers, but many of them were ingenious liars, energetic foragers, plunder hunters and gormandizers.
Revolutionary committees every where sequestrate in the gross, in order to plunder in detail.
I'll give you some of the plunder, if you'll put up that shooting iron, and make no trouble.
I must get back to the waggons, or my friend the horned lizard may be taking his pick of the plunder.
She was willing to essay the rle of stateswoman with no other principle than revenge and no other policy than plunder.
Rezon was slain, Damascus given over to plunder and ruin, and its inhabitants transported to Kir.
Sulla's soldiers were impatient for the plunder of Asia, and he therefore contented himself with repealing the Sulpician laws.
It is not supposable that Mrs. Eddy realized, at first, the size of her plunder.
Like pillagers of harvest, Their fame is far abroad, As gray remorseless troopers That plunder and maraud.
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