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Sentence Examples
However, something, whether by human error or mechanical fault, went awfully wrong as we saw him plummet to his death from the arena roof.
After an early spike in share prices, they went on a downward slide that saw them plummet to half their value in the space of two years.
Your acts may get you killed, in fact the entire aircraft may plummet to the earth, killing everyone on board.
I felt my heart plummet to the earth's core and sink into the scorching ball of fiery lava with an ominous plonking noise.
Even the finest of rookies may be fated to burn out and plummet to earth as a cold cinder within a season or two.
Temperatures will struggle to reach zero in the daytime and are expected to plummet to around minus 10 degrees centigrade overnight.
Drivers were warned to look out for black ice as they headed for work today after one of the coldest nights saw temperatures plummet to minus 5 degrees centigrade.
You plummet to the bottom screaming and are impaled on the spikes.
Who heartlessly kicks Aziz Ansari into a hole, causing him to plummet to his death, instead of trying to save him?
Day-time temperatures are frequently in the low twenties centigrade but, once night falls, they plummet to minus ten or even below that in a matter of minutes.
The Svalbard barnacle goose, which overwinters in the Solway Firth, saw numbers plummet to just 300 by the 1940s but the population recovered to some 30,000 today.
Roscosmos predicts that only between 20 and 30 fragments of the Phobos probe with a total weight of up to 200 kilograms will survive the re-entry and plummet to Earth.
The Minister for Wedgies is proving that she is oblivious to public opinion, working off her own agenda, clueless as to the consequences and keen to plummet to new depths.
Examples from Classical Literature
Oh, is there any plummet to sound the depths of a mother's love?
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