Sentences with the phrase physical size

Looking for sentences with the phrase 'physical size'? Here are some examples.


These categories determine the locomotive's combination of physical size, starting tractive effort and maximum permitted speed.

Ammianus Marcellinus, himself a professional soldier, repeats longstanding observations about the superiority of contemporary Roman armies being due to training and discipline, not to physical size or strength.

Planning experts and politicians agree: it will be impossible to double the physical size of Melbourne to match.

1 having then defied the greater physical size and strength of so many rivals to rule for 80 weeks from the end of 2001.

where you can compare your own physical size to the physical size of the sculpture.

Nicotine through smoking and because of their physical size.

The boys were reasonably competitive early … after that we got overwhelmed and their (the opposition's) physical size battered us around.

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