Sentences with the phrase physical remains

Looking for sentences with the phrase 'physical remains'? Here are some examples.


The physical remains of the preserved sunken forest at Borth, and of Sarn Badrig nearby, could have suggested that some great tragedy had overcome a community there long ago, and so the myth may have grown from that.

Due to the practice, dating to at least the early Neolithic, of building in stone on virtually treeless islands, Shetland is extremely rich in physical remains of the prehistoric eras and there are over 5,000 archaeological sites all told.

The possession of the relics of a popular saint was a source of funds to the individual church as the faithful made donations and benefices in the hope that they might receive spiritual aid, a blessing or a healing from the presence of the physical remains of the holy person.

It was hard to find the physical remains of King Richard III.

Physical remains in high-profile cases are now kept in a locked crypt, and security on the autopsy floor has been tightened.

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