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How to use perspire in a sentence

Looking for sentences and phrases with the word perspire? Here are some examples.

Sentence Examples
When he or she begins to perspire they will lose moisture as well electrolytes, or ions.
Romans would sit and perspire, and their skin was scraped with a curved metal tool called a strigil.
He first started feeling unwell about 10 minutes into the broadcast and began to perspire very heavily.
Nearby spectators perspire profusely because of the intensity of the radiated heat.
Ladies don't sweat or perspire, even after an exhausting day of brunch, tennis, afternoon tea, supper and bridge.
Greater surface area provides more exposed skin to perspire and cool the body through evaporation, he says.
We have to dress to protect ourselves from the wind and the cold, which thereby reduces our mobility and makes us perspire as soon as we move.
Also, if you perspire heavily or go swimming, remember to reapply your product.
You, your family, and your pets produce moisture when you breathe or perspire.
You do not need to perspire at all as it is powered by battery.
However much he refuses to perspire, even he cannot hold at bay forever the strains of time and his calling.
Be sure to towel off excess sweat during your session to help the body perspire more freely.
In you perspire a lot, apply antiperspirant or talcum powder if necessary to reduce the level of humidity.
Excessive clothing that causes you to perspire more than you normally would while exercising, gives you no advantage.
If it is colder and you perspire less, it is more important to take in sugar than fluids.
During sporting activities, you perspire and lose fluids and electrolytes, as a result of which your capacity to perform diminishes.
In humid climates, or when worn by babies who perspire easily, theuse of a hearing instrument drying unit can be very beneficial.
Illness tends to make people perspire, making their hair damp and sometimes tangled.
You should not perspire when conducting: only the audience should get warm.
The adhesion of Mepitac may decrease when used in humid condition such as incubators or on patients who have a fever or perspire a lot.
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Examples from Classical Literature
The hand in which she then put hers was soft and warm and she feared that it might perspire.
You should just have seen him giving her abominable thrashings, which made her perspire all over.
He can perspire in December, when the furnace is out and the windows are open.
Sol commenced to perspire afresh, and to hop from one foot on to the other.
The two ladies then swept from the room, and left Andrew to perspire at leisure.
Whereupon Mr. Wetherell flushed, and began to perspire himself.
Whether you glow, perspire, sweat or seep-Manduka's eQua Hot Yoga towel has your mat and your mind covered.
Four trains were stopped from moving near Shahdara in Lahore, leaving the passengers to perspire and brave the heated weather.
You must walk or work until you perspire freely, every day of the week.
The strain of his work made him perspire as though it were midsummer.
But why do Young Persons in service all perspire at the hands?
It can make us perspire and speak in a rapid, higher pitched voice.
The treatment works by the heat penetrating deep into the tissue causing the body to perspire and release toxins and is a lot more comforting and relaxing than that sounds.
The higher the humidity, the more apt are we to perspire with exercise.
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