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How to use perspicacity in a sentence

Looking for sentences and phrases with the word perspicacity? Here are some examples.

Sentence Examples
Artists, like great religious leaders, show amazing perspicacity in this respect.
The insurmountable hurdle for the Liberal Party is the perspicacity and discernment of the public.
Now, obviously these observers were simply dupes, and I admire his perspicacity in seeing straight through them.
An intellectual dapperling of these times boasts chiefly of his irresistible perspicacity, his 'dwelling in the daylight of truth,' and so forth.
It is, moreover, written with an attention to syntax commensurate with the author's historical perspicacity.
It is enhanced by Ms Atwood's keen eye for character Toby is a woman armed with a dry wit and clear-eyed perspicacity.
Such was the problems subjected to the perspicacity of Professor Cuniberti.
Mrs. McMaster Clément is known within the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada for her generosity, her perspicacity and her humanity.
Another important prevention measure lies on the therapists' perspicacity to evaluate the impact of their interventions.
He was appointed Chairman of SGE on 29 September 1937 and it fell to him to manage the company with caution and perspicacity during the war.
Your perspicacity in phrasing such a question is a source of wonder to me.
There is nothing heartless about his intelligence or his perspicacity.
This requires people to show great perspicacity and a willingness to take risks.
Internet discussion groups at times appear to be founts of perspicacity and wisdom, at other times the ultimate refuge for sociopaths releasing years of pent-up frustration.
When you see people who are deprived of spiritual perspicacity, do not tire to understand the reason.
As part as the 2003 World Games activities, the Games commitee organizes a contest where participants will have to use their skills of observatition and perspicacity.
His impartiality and perspicacity had won him gratitude and admiration, but they had not always been fully understood and had even given rise to suspicion in some quarters.
Begun in 1993 as PradaMilanoarte, the foundation is, like Prada's clothes, something of a fixation in the art world, with a high-end reputation for perspicacity and openhandedness.
For all his posturing and self-importance, Scott is capable of deliberate self-parody, generosity of spirit and some perspicacity, for instance, about the talents of Jane Austen.
Given their perspicacity, it is to be hoped that in their next book these two authors will tackle in more detail the really hard questions about the cost of rights.
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Examples from Classical Literature
It only made her resent the cruel perspicacity of their exposer, or possibly exercise a little more ingenuity in their inventions.
Il Lasca, who deserves great credit for his perspicacity, carried on an unremitting warfare against the comedy of anagnorisis.
He stopped there with such an air of triumph and perspicacity that I was angry with him.
I looked at her, finding no words to express my astonishment at this perspicacity.
Mirko with perspicacity, and Ragna with a sort of subconscious expectation.
Being a woman of some perspicacity, she did not really need to inspect the postmarks.
The dear woman had known nothing of the kind and her perspicacity amazed her.
It was a marvellous effort of perspicacity to discover that I did not love her.
And the king was so pleased with my perspicacity that he offered to sell me a village for 20 pounds sterling.
Your reading of my character does honour to your perspicacity.
Stenovics chuckled in apparent satisfaction at his own perspicacity.
Yet the perspicacity that he seldom wanted failed him at that moment.
The surgeon spoke with the fluency due to long practice and with the admirable perspicacity which distinguished him.
And he is reaping a very tidy little harvest for his perspicacity.
He had come to look on her perspicacity in this matter as a sort of second sight.
By those who, at Havre, had, with infernal perspicacity, read my heart like an open book.
The host, who was not endowed with great perspicacity, did not observe the expression which his words had given to the physiognomy of the stranger.
While the village praised the perspicacity of the Governor, a naked, pock-marked child strode forward to the earth, and stood on one leg, unconcerned as a young stork.
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