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The exceptional audio and video quality and the permanence of the medium are things we really like.
The singing and laughing is louder than ever, as if the volume of our voices has a way of creating permanence.
An entryway of brick steps adds warmth and character and helps to project a sense of quality and permanence.
Security, stability and permanence would be best achieved through adoption.
In particular, the regime demands formal U.S. and international recognition of the permanence of the borders under its control.
There was a sense of permanence in my mind, and as the morning spread out I was aware of the opportunity for making a new start.
Such a sense of permanence, of an unbroken link to the past, is one of the lures of islands.
The feelings of solidity and permanence are illusory, for nothing is truly solid and permanent in this life.
Yet vast reserves of potential support awaited any regime that could achieve that stability, and that permanence.
This is a place where traditions run deep, and where the long shadow of Ben Nevis seems to add a sense of permanence to the town.
The documentary advertisements that the draftsman of the Act had in mind would have had some quality of permanence.
This early socialization process is important because it recognizes that the nurse extern is a team member and provides a sense of permanence.
Glaciers had carved it out of living rock, and the hermit was a mere insect, trying to blend in with the colors of Himalayan permanence.
More difficult to handle than the immediate grief is the permanence of loss that sets in later.
Print media is tactile, has more of a sense of permanence, and is distributable without dependence on technology or a connected society.
The person was cohabiting with the mother of the child in a relationship of some permanence at the time of the birth of the child.
This gave her strength and a feeling of permanence, continuity and contentment with her home.
All of this is characterized by redundant aspects of stability, permanence and continuity.
There is something in a furtive glance of eyes on the subway, or from the passing crowd that does not tend to permanence.
For Zen, however, this need for permanence fossilizes what is both beautiful and sacred.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Any distrust of the permanence of laws, would paralyze the faculties of man.
At last he had found permanence in a life where heretofore had been naught but transience.
As to the permanence of love, or its transitoriness, the plain and candid answer is that there is no real assurance either way.
Vidi, measures approximately, but not with the permanence of the mercurial.
To this fact van't Hoff attributes the great permanence of many really unstable carbon compounds.
The permanence of industry in any state must be proportioned to the certainty of its reward.
As there are different degrees both of permanence and fugacity, so are there different degrees of semi-stability.
The peace which we are pledged to leave to the Cuban people must carry with it the guaranties of permanence.
As far as regards artists' colours, therefore, vitrification does not impart permanence.
The statics of society is the study of the conditions of existence and permanence of the social state.
For the assertion of the permanence of good is only based on the assumption of its objective character.
The necessity to counteract by impermanent sojourn the permanence of arrest.
The grass and saltbush are everywhere abundant, and water is plentiful with every appearance of permanence.
The permanence of organic forms is altogether dependent on the invariability of the material conditions under which they live.
He had given shape and permanence to his native language by his dictionary.
One thing remained, unasked and unbeknownst, grooved with synaptic permanence in their burgeoning brains.
He also made some remarkable experiments on the permanence of the contagium in the form of spores.
But in East Anglia there is no such simplicity of arrangement, no such permanence of tenurial compartments.
But for permanence the maple, the oak, the buttonball are all better.
The three modi of time are permanence, succession, and coexistence.
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