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Mike Norton, a rookie border patrolman, is a stark contrast to the gentle Melquiades.
Concerned for both her safety, and that of other road users, the patrolman then called police.
The largest remaining problem was with the method used by the station to contact the patrolman, whether he was on a car or on foot.
In January 1969 he joined the Washington Metropolitan Police Department as a patrolman.
This way, if a call was made by a patrolman and a patrol wagon was sent, the officers aboard the wagon were able to listen for the ringing alarm.
Instead of arriving at the central police station, the patrolman pulled into a satellite station.
Why is a police surveillance camera on a public street any more intrusive than a patrolman stationed on the corner?
They tethered their horses, leaving the most junior patrolman to stand guard, and Inkerman led the way in.
There were only two or three deans to address disciplinary issues, and a lone patrolman stood watch in the lobby of the school.
But police say a sharp-eyed patrolman helped prevent a much larger tragedy there.
The officer who shot myers was identified as Jason Flanery, a 32-year-old white patrolman.
Finally, a retired highway patrolman monitoring a police scanner slowed the suspect by using his car to block the suspect on a small residential road.
Wrapped in cellophane imprinted with bunnies, eggs and flowers, the marijuana was in a cartop luggage carrier, the patrolman said.
We have found that a patrolman in the central section of the city can switch on, and later switch off, 100 signs with ease.
Uxbridge led Massachusetts in robberies for a quarter of the year in 1922, and the town voted to hire its first nighttime police patrolman.
The patrolman had the misfortune to be assigned a beat that ran past the house of Ms. McDougall, a notorious prattler and neighborhood gossip.
Flat feet may be important to the patrolman who must pound a beat, but in cities with patrol cars, should mild cases of flat feet disqualify?
The sharp-eyed detective noticed things the ordinary patrolman missed.
The patrolman who saved Welsh from a serious beating assured the magistrate that it was a friendly fight and the charges were dismissed against both men.
See, a hippie came through town, so Patrolman France arrested him.
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The patrolman says that he has seen no light in the house since the family sailed for Africa.
Finally the patrolman announced one morning that there was no other way out of it.
A moment later the patrolman loomed up outside the cubbyhole door, the woman in tow.
Jim Haggart, 60, the AA's longest-serving patrolman, joined as a teenage cadet.
Navy during World War II and was a welder for Great Northern Railroad, a telegrapher for Northern Pacific Railroad, a border patrolman and an immigration officer.
The Patrolman was just a plain-Jane matte blue that not only became popular with law enforcement but outdoorsmen as well.
When Patrolman Willis reached out his hand, the skipper revolved his head under it until the itchy place was scratched.
Patrolman Switzer looked then where she pointed, and could scarce believe his eyes.
The responding officers, including Patrolman Wilson, observed signs of forced entry at the back door of the residence, and heard screams for help from a woman inside.
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