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So we have those areas that are unoccupied being patrolled by anti-looting squads with assistance from the military.
Mr Holden said the greatest dangers were when people swam outside patrolled hours or on unpatrolled beaches.
A red velvet curtain serves as a door and is patrolled by a neckless bodybuilder in a tuxedo.
Now 83, he's confined to an old folks home patrolled by a drill sergeant of a nurse.
Gunboats patrolled the sea lanes and the skies were covered by fighter jets launched from an aircraft carrier in the Atlantic.
Chris took me to a small cave where a shoal of upside-down soldierfish patrolled the entrance, and pointed out all the small crustaceans inside.
Every airman, sailor, marine, or soldier who sortied, sailed, or patrolled represented one life at risk.
He was relaxing at the stately home as security men and guard dogs patrolled the grounds.
The chokepoint is patrolled 24 hours a day by armed guards, resulting in lower local crime but a sharp spike in vehicle traffic.
The area was heavily netted, buoyed and mined and constantly being patrolled.
A Garda squad car patrolled the area and kept a watchful eye on the proceedings.
Combat helicopters and fighter planes patrolled the sky, and naval submarines and armed patrol boats guarded the waters of the silent port.
When they went to summer camps, guards patrolled the perimeter and the inmates spent every waking moment imbibing the thoughts of the master.
The Atlantic and Pacific coasts are being ostentatiously patrolled by large and reassuring Navy vessels.
On the water ducks and coots patrolled the margins and further out was a dinghy.
The housing project has a police substation and is heavily patrolled, and the adjoining university has its own police force.
Dozens of sentries and crossbowmen kept watch on the battlements, and mounted cavalry patrolled the keep walls and the surrounding area.
The area is patrolled regularly by both the divisional traffic unit and the district detective branch.
See the great estates of absentee English landlords patrolled by land agents like Michael Kitchen.
The estate is patrolled by ex-soldiers who are helping to restore law and order.
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Examples from Classical Literature
By the end of the war it was entirely suppressed, though as late as 1866 a squadron of ships patrolled the Slave Coast.
It is still dark, but the streets are patrolled and every gate is closed, and how are you to escape?
And a mop-up squad patrolled outward from the reclaimed camp, picked up two living Throgs, both wandering witlessly.
But who was this fellow in the Bavarian hat, who patrolled the sidewalk?
Their 20-song set included Jumping Jack Flash and Satisfaction as thousands of extra police patrolled the area.
Scotty patrolled as lookout as though serving on a dreadnaught.
We were now in a quandary as to how to pass the guards who patrolled the island about the pool.
It gave Gordon something to think about while they patrolled the beat.
Back and forth she patrolled along the edges of the windfall.
The police and education welfare officers who formRedcar and Cleveland's Behaviour Attendance and Truancy team patrolled Overfields in the latest crackdown on truancy.
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