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Sentence Examples
Park rangers regularly patrol the area and in the summer months they cover it up to 10 pm.
The protesters are in a stand-off with a private security firm employed by the council to patrol the building.
Vigilante groups dressed in robes and turbans, armed with staves and swords and mounted on motorbikes, patrol the city to enforce the curfew.
French, German and US reconnaissance planes would be allowed to patrol the skies.
I basically just have to patrol the area, make sure everything's okey-dokey.
His orders were to patrol the western ridge and report back to the command post at the base of the mountain.
They would patrol the river and attack any hostile unit that was stupid enough to enter their sights.
There are also plans to have some naval vessels patrol the West African coast.
There are lots of grasshoppers around here, but my hens patrol the garden perimeter fence and really reduce the numbers of insects in the garden.
State security police in black uniforms had replaced the parking assistants that usually patrol the fairgrounds ' two parking areas.
She added that they had also arranged for a security guard to patrol the site at regular intervals.
Fast patrol boats will patrol the harbour constantly, 24 hours a day, and the coastguard cutters are just outside the harbour.
He said the Gardai patrol the road sometimes, but could increase vigilance a bit.
The police officers will also patrol the nearby villages of Steeton and Eastburn.
At Chen Rio, another camping spot, soldiers patrol the beach stopping tourists from poaching turtle eggs that are protected by law.
Then patrol the shorelines to observe sables and the world's biggest brown bears, and to scout potential nature-reserve sites.
Engineers are working on a giant, synthetic, robo-jellyfish, which one day could autonomously patrol the high seas.
Today the soldiers are dug in behind sandbags and pickup trucks with mounted machine guns patrol the streets.
We believe this was an attempt to burn the building down and are calling on the police to take action and patrol the area more.
A good number of police officers continuously patrol the Bangla strip at night, offering a sense of security sometimes lacking in Pattaya.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Let your soldiery patrol the streets and search every house from top to bottom.
On general principles they patrol the west side of Bering Strait.
Local worthies sonorously discussing the legal dangers of allowing a toy soldier to patrol the promenade.
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