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The use of active voice rather than passive voice is recommended in scientific writing.
Nominalization is one way to avoid reference to the agent of an action, but it's not the same as using the passive voice.
He also advises that one should use the active instead of the passive voice and gerunds instead of noun constructions.
I learned the distinction between the active and passive voice as early as fifth grade.
Instead, the memo I circulated to the faculty was firmly rooted in the third person and utilized the passive voice.
As is so often the case, it is the use of the passive voice in the paragraph that leads you into ambiguity and trouble.
A handful of misspellings, constant use of the passive voice, and frequent repetitiveness mar the study.
The passive voice gives a sense of detached and objective authority that, in contrast to the imperative mode, is expressive of neutrality.
In addition, these content areas require longer, complex phrases and use of the passive voice.
A foundation narrative often was not about an individual hero, but was told in the passive voice and emphasized the technologies themselves.
The passive voice is formed within the same paradigm, by be followed by the past participle, but is not a tense.
George Orwell argues that the passive voice can be a tool for political abuse.
Never use the passive voice in an incitement to action, however vile or reprehensible.
Americans may sometimes find the prose a bit daunting, the occasional Anglicism, misplaced modifier, and passive voice requiring a thorough rereading.
Will I be able to catch my own passive voice without the green underline?
His point was not that we should never use the passive voice, but never to do so without thinking.
Numerous simple declarative sentences, at times virtually unconnected conceptually, and rampant use of the passive voice make the book difficult to read.
Wilson never called a halt to it, but there's a common practice of whenever anything bad is mentioned, it's put in the passive voice as if nobody did it.
The general pattern appears to be that the unmarked, active voice acts as a same function category, while the marked, passive voice indicates a switch in function.
In many cases, the headline was also couched in a passive voice.
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Examples from Classical Literature
This verb is used to form the passive voice, and also all the compound tenses of the active voice.
When these vowels are preceded by p, it shows that the verb is in the passive voice.
When the subject is acted upon the verb is said to be in the passive voice.
As it may be seen by the examples, this particle has no passive voice.
Other tenses and the passive voice were formed by auxiliary verbs.
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