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They faced pass laws that restricted travel, constant harassment by government officials and police, arrests and detentions.
That means a convicted fire-raiser has the right to sit in parliament and pass laws binding on the rest of us.
Now, the government says it will pass laws to tightly regulate the industry and stop the use of child labor.
If we pass laws making it illegal both to send spam and to hire spammers to do so on your behalf then we're part way to solving the problem.
Citizens gather under the open sky on a Sunday in spring to pass laws and elect officials by a show of hands.
But that doesn't mean we should pass laws banning soup kitchens, toupees, or jeans above a size eight.
Did you know that the constitution nowhere says that Congress has to pass laws by majority rule?
They are also more and more likely to pass laws that make a commodity of a natural life form.
It is the job of Congress and state legislatures to pass laws of general applicability.
In their opinion, the justices noted that state legislatures are free to pass laws that bar officials from condemning property for private development.
Albany is not a place filled with people, but merely a place where state government operates and Cuomo can work to pass laws.
The three-day extravaganza, which kicked off Thursday morning, has no power to pass laws or set agendas.
Tired of waiting for the bloated political elite to pass laws designed to free up labour markets, corporate Europe has simply produced the shotgun and insisted on change.
The Scottish Parliament is not able to pass laws on these issues itself, as they were not devolved.
We pass laws to protect children from fatty foods and sugary drinks.
In the 16th century, England had to pass laws to prevent the country from becoming completely denuded of trees due to production of iron.
If most people vote 'yes' in this referendum, the Assembly will gain powers to pass laws on all subjects in the devolved areas.
Parliament retains authority to pass laws regulating the Church of England.
However, no Parliament can pass laws that future Parliaments cannot change.
They used their influence to pass laws that favored themselves.
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