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Even if your past doesn't include standing back tucks, handsprings and split jumps, they can be part of your future.
That is to say, they may not be part of the mechanism by which plant cells determine their carbohydrate status.
Even if the cellular phone is not really considered a status symbol, it has become part of fashion, an accessory.
This mental effort on the part of the viewer frustrates many people, but Cohen fans appreciate the lack of handholding.
Cutting lawns, keeping an eye on people's properties when they go away, doing odd jobs and fixing things are all part of his daily routine.
Situated on the eastern edge of the New Town, this first-floor property forms part of a handsome Georgian building.
For my part, anyone who has lived in our region and is committed to Oceania, is an Oceanian.
The best part was when a huge oceanic whitetip started chasing the airline check-in girl.
The businessmen were on a part of the Wall that is off the main tourist trail.
It contains an unchecked buffer in the part of its code which deals with handshakes when connecting to SMTP server.
As part of our expanding section, the business team is currently looking for two new members to join our team.
The most ornamental part of doors was their heads, which took on various shapes, including triangles, semicircles or arcs.
The explorations will be part of the global long-term oceanographic and marine research program pursued by the Navy.
That is in fact a very important part of the physical oceanography of the Great Barrier Reef.
A firm handshake is the basic greeting, and people shake hands again when they part.
Howard Shore creates a score that's wonderfully evocative of the 1950s, part sci-fi drive-in, part tiki lounge.
Beautiful Anglo-Saxon jewellery, beakers made by the Bronze Age people, flints and pottery will all be part of the exhibition.
He has now been thrust into the hot seat and has abandoned part of the tiki-taka philosophy.
If a part object is used for clinging, which quite frequently happens, the relationship can never be satisfactory for the ocnophil.
The kingdom of the Cantabrians was in part overturned by Moorish occupation.
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Examples from Classical Literature
These concerted efforts have been an integral part of my program to revitalize the economy.
In this part of the country they are known under the generic appellation of kolo.
Both leaves and flowers have been used in medicine, but the rhizome is the part most frequently used.
I have spent a good part of two days there, and mean to revisit it on my return.
And that part is less mountainous than the quarter which I have presumed may have supplied the contingent of rhesus.
But the religion of kor had played no part in the lives of the Hirlaji for generations.
For the most part it was passionate speech rather than song, a rhapsodical declamation in hybrid rhythms.
Then other conditions consequent upon the fact that the link forms part of a kinematic chain operate to enable b to be fixed.
Thick wind is caused by an obstruction to the free passage of the air in some part of the respiratory tract.
At this part the shaft is greatly flattened and the cross section becomes oblong or rhombic.
The king country, which long remained closed to the missionaries and to all Europeans, is now open in every part.
Besides, the reviser adds a great deal to the part of the weak King with the evident object of making his helplessness pathetic.
Men we be all, and that whiche we know, is not the thousand part of that we knowe not.
Yet on a revisal of it, I find no part which has not so much bearing on the subject as to be worth merely the time of perusal.
It's part of a smart gambler's knowhow to drop a few credits deliberately now and then.
In extremely exceptional instances the disease, after involving a small part, may retrogress and recovery take place.
Most of this richness is in the seed and the part of the stalk that is removed in the retting.
These are the publications which, in part at least, have given rise to the know-nothing organization, so cordially hated by you.
The question of the reunion or separation of the sexes plays an important part.
Uncle Clem was made of worsted and the moths had eaten his knees and part of his kiltie.
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