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Sentence Examples
Saladin and Richard certainly knew about truce and parley in one era of technological equivalence between their two civilisations.
Fitzpatrick camped a comfortable three miles away and rode over to parley with the chief.
For example, the Saturday assistant in a local electrical outlet isn't a good person to parley with.
This was well, for the enemy was drawing near again, though it appeared they meant to parley.
In most situations you will be attacked by them before there is even an opportunity to parley.
The troops halted as Macdonald, Younghusband and Captain O'Connor, political assistant and interpreter, went forward to parley with the Tibetans.
Raven had little desire to parley with their enemies, but she had been given an order.
According to one story, they took unfair advantage by attacking when a parley was in progress.
Most of the foreign soldiers followed their order to charge if the parley was attacked.
Rather, two weeks before Amherst suggested the idea, infected blankets were given to two visiting Indian chiefs during a parley at Fort Pitt.
When Abraham won the war, there ensued a brief parley between himself and the king of Sodom.
My dear lords and ladies, disperse, and a week hence we'll parley anew.
Two Brazilian regiments were ordered to the Campo, field guns trained on the barracks, and a deputation of senators sent to parley with the rebels.
It was rather amusing for me, watching these two gentlemen parley.
If one side tried to parley with the other, it would surely be crushed.
The past is another country, and as foreigners who visit it, the quality we novelists and historians most need is tact when we parley and fossick.
Not that the Colombian parley was ever going to be easy diplomacy.
Examples from Classical Literature
The clangor distracted the attention of the assailants, and a parley ensued.
I know exactly where180 lies Castle Yewe, and I wish to ride within its sallyport without further parley or delay.
There can be no parley, no compromise with the evil thing for which Germany fights.
The servant, after some parley, led him through the house and out at the back door.
Upon such occasions it is not amiss to know how to parley cuisine, and to be able to dissert upon the growth and flavor of wines.
The old General spoke Pushtu fluently, and there was a parley, begun by him, ordinarily the most silent of mankind.
Each door and barrier, too, was guarded by soldiers, with whom the brothers had to parley.
He armed himself, therefore, cap-a-pie, and undertook this dangerous parley with the alcayde.
The Prince let her go and half turned to meet him, but Camille was not inclined to parley.
Reed, impatient of my now frantic anguish and wild sobs, abruptly thrust me back and locked me in, without farther parley.
Immediately, Boucher, a North-West clerk, was sent forward to parley.
Here and there they would stop to inspect a bunch of cattle, and there would be a parley, brief and businesslike.
The only parley Ill have with that pack of lousy beggars will be hot shot!
Clarence felt the uselessness of further parley, and rode away.
The enemy is still outside the walls, so we must try to gain time by engaging them in parley.
There was a long parley during which I could see that I was often the subject of their discourse.
Here ensued a parley, which, as I do not think myself obliged to relate it, I shall omit.
Don't you be listening to a woman's parley, for it's all nonsense.
Do you two get on as fast as you can and leave us to the parley.
Cambronne wished to parley with them, but they would not listen to him.
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