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Sentence Examples
In the worst-case scenario, the antagonism will get out of control and will paralyze the party.
Many species feed on elongated fish, such as eels, which they paralyze with their venom.
He just wants to paralyze a nation, cause fear and panic and dread to become part of our everyday lives.
So will letting Rebecca and Rhonda get hitched paralyze republican governance in the United States in some similar way?
They may have been afraid, and in most cases no doubt were, but their fears did not paralyze them.
His sister killed herself as a teenager, and her death continues to paralyze the Donovan boys in intriguing ways.
For most people who are already in a vulnerable state, that kind of shock is more likely to discourage and paralyze them.
Thirty years after it ended, the emotion this crisis stirred continues to paralyze America's diplomatic imagination.
Thus, in British English analyse, catalyse, hydrolyse and paralyse, but in American English analyze, catalyze, hydrolyze and paralyze.
The cuttlefish that can paralyze the other first, by forcing near its mouth, wins the fight and the female.
Nematocysts in the tentacles paralyze prey, such as small plankton.
Its saliva contains toxins which paralyze earthworms in particular.
The challenge for Sleiman in the wake of the logjam is to ensure that the leftover flotsam is not allowed to re-congeal and paralyze the machinery of government again.
Learn how a jelly can devour enough food to double its weight each day, or how sea nettles hunt by trailing their long stinging tentacles to paralyze prey upon contact.
Examples from Classical Literature
There must be continuity of this structure too, for to sever a nerve is to paralyze all beyond.
The sight seemed to paralyze him for a moment, for he stood like one turned to marble.
Any distrust of the permanence of laws, would paralyze the faculties of man.
Sometimes these first strokes of apoplexy paralyze only for a few moments.
It seemed to check and paralyze for the moment his generous nature.
Its devilish power to paralyze and still the soul of him was gone.
The sight seemed to paralyze me, and the shovel turned in my hand and glanced from the face, merely making a deep gash above the forehead.
But do not be too much of a precisian, or you will paralyze me.
I was moved to a yearning for delay which seemed to paralyze my faculties and to clog my very soul.
Let life go on in it unhindered and let it defend itself, it will do more than if you paralyze it by encumbering it with remedies.
We might say that there was enough of splendid rubbish in his life to cover up and paralyze a more active and subtile conscience than the Judge was ever troubled with.
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