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Beyond the mental acuity needed to focus through the pain, the young woman must also abide by a strict diet.
Instead of lessons about the dangerous, addictive, and deadly qualities of prescription opioids, he got lessons on relieving pain.
Throughout all the stories of loss and pain with the Chief, there was barely a trace of emotion.
A doctor comes to his house and gives him shots of cortisone to calm the arthritic pain in his knees.
If the doctor had time to work with Li, he might have seen that his back pain was atypical and detected AS in the first visit.
The fast of the Ninth of Av is not intended to decry only past pain but present political misdeeds.
In the long run, taking the pain now might just be the best medicine for the rot of hyper-partisanship that ails our body politic.
This autoimmune disorder, which affects about seven in 10,000 people, causes numbness and pain in the limbs and imbalance walking.
The song is about rage and fury and passion, and I had a lot of pain that I wanted to release.
Sudden peace, buoyancy, contentment, or alternatively sorrow or physical pain.
He was left weakened, dehydrated and in pain by altitude sickness and exhaustion.
Rick doubles over in pain and Carl shoots wildly at a walker before he runs out of ammo and breaks down sobbing.
Diana is allergic to several kinds of pain medication and anti-inflammatory drugs.
But the consequence of ignoring him is that abolitionists seem indifferent to his pain.
But even I have my share of patients with chronic pain of some kind, be it in the abdomen or head or back.
Nowhere to be found is the anguish, the drama, the pain of an athlete on that level who considering walking away.
Never deny a request for an antibiotic, an opioid pain medication, a scan, or an admission.
Do you know what pain treads the unlifting darkness with cleft hooves, with webbed feet?
The most common foot-related injury I see for the weekend warrior is heel pain.
Excessive calcium intake can lead to hypercalcemia, complications of which include vomiting, abdominal pain and altered mental status.
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Examples from Classical Literature
In quite one-fourth of all cases of gouty heart the pain is anginal, and such angina may be of the most pronounced type.
It nearly turned my ankle as I jumped on to it, but I hardly felt the pain.
Lack of advertence always lessens pain and may even nullify it until it becomes exceedingly severe.
Death, and especially pain, are not only antipathic, but almost incomprehensible.
I am not condemning the physical alleviation of pain or the progress of physical science.
By another spring the aching and anxiousness were a little dulled, for habit blunts even the keen edge of mortal pain.
The affectional world is the stream of feelings of pleasure and pain generated by the two aforesaid worlds.
The wheel turns ever, and no pleasure of ours but is built on the shifting sand of some one's pain, even as alif told me.
But if I incised the cornea, the animals manifested intense pain, when the aqueous humor escaped and the iris prolapsed.
The same sweet smile lingered about his mouth, although pain and suffering had saddened that baby-face.
The chief inconvenience is the difficulty in alimentation consequent on the pain in mastication and in swallowing.
The first alvine discharges after we received food, were, as Hearne remarks on a similar occasion, attended with excessive pain.
The one assuagement for the pain in her own heart seemed to be the alleviation of the pain in other hearts.
The night was passed in great anguish, and the morrow's light brought no assuagement of her pain.
But since the parting must be, 't is well to abridge the pain of long farewell.
In full sight of whom, the malignant star of the analytical has pre-ordained that pain and ridicule shall befall him.
He called ananda and said that he wanted some medicine to relieve him from pain.
The outburst, sharp with pain, burst from her involuntarily, awing Sylvia into silence.
I sat myself down with pain and difficulty, for Azazel had bruised me all over, and I felt fearfully stiff and sore.
It must be agonising to you, and there would be dishonour as well as pain to me, in witnessing that agony.
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