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If a regime abrogated the rights to life, liberty, and property, its subjects could overthrow it and choose a new one.
This champion of samurai who would overthrow the Shogunate and expel the barbarians became the devoted follower of the elite shogunal official.
After he won the presidency in 1990, the opposition joined with the Army to overthrow him and expel him from the country.
The author argues for gradualism in change, rather than revolutionary overthrow of current systems.
The Party's charter called for the violent overthrow of the U.S. government, and its officials took orders from Soviet despots.
A person could be denationalized for, among other things, advocating the overthrow of the government by force or violence.
They believed that the power of workers mobilised in a general strike could overthrow capitalism.
Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freeness of speech.
Therefore people should be freed from the bondage of religious superstition and empowered to overthrow their leaders.
Besieging communist China and trying to overthrow the government there, however, is a fool's errand and a recipe for world war.
Keynes' dream to overthrow the classical order of Adam Smith was greatly influenced by Marx's poison.
We need to change our government in a revolutionary way, and overthrow the plutocracy that controls our government.
The opportunity to overthrow the Labour budget was handed to them on a silver platter and they lacked the courage to accept it.
He spent much of his career as a political conspirator, actively working to overthrow the government of Charles II of England.
After the thugs easily overthrow the Baath party, Rudie instates a strict fundamentalist form of Rastafarianism as state religion.
It seems the 96 fastball was a bit of an overthrow for him, as he did not top 94 in his six fastballs after that.
The umpire instructed him to go to third base, reminding him that a runner gets two bases on an overthrow that goes into dead territory.
His first incompletion was an overthrow of a deep ball that would've made it eight in a row and three touchdowns.
In the mentioned situation, the act of handing the ball to the boy is the same as an overthrow into dead territory.
We, in contrast, did not get near theirs and Steve threw well, one overthrow excepted.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Should France overthrow capitalism, for instance, she will at first establish Sovietism, and subsequently combine with us.
He was aware that so restless a people, when they had overthrown the monarchy, would not limit the overthrow to their own country.
This law of evolution we cannot overthrow, we can only humanise its action.
We awake betimes to the rattle of the scrubbing brush and the sharp overthrow of stovepipes.
They're weary of our existing government and are about to dismember or overthrow it?
La Signorina did not reply, preferring to hold her tongue, lest it overthrow her.
The city has looked out on many battles, from the overthrow of the molossian to the overthrow of the Swabian.
And so in its way is the overthrow of the Anwhei faction of the militarist party.
With the overthrow of Lip-lip, White Fang could have become leader of the pack.
He plotted a revolution, which should overthrow McGuire and enthrone himself.
They lead him to the Epicureanism that is the only philosophy that they do not overthrow.
Technocracy is not an organization that wants to overthrow the American government, but only an org.
As soon as the revolt started at Wuchang the troops all over the country joined in the movement to overthrow the Manchu Dynasty.
And then came, as if to my final and irrevocable overthrow, the spirit of perverseness.
If Austria-Hungary fell, the overthrow of Germany might have been threatened.
True that the overthrow of Constantinople had forerun this event by nearly half a century.
To the soldiers of France the revolution of the 18th Fructidor was the overthrow of their enemies in their own country.
The system of fudging tasks, cribbing lessons, deception of every sort they endeavoured to overthrow.
His opposition, and their own recreancy of principle, tended rapidly to their overthrow.
But, strange as this reassertion of the Greek supremacy was, the rapidity of its overthrow was stranger still.
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