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Rocky Carlini grounded to the third baseman, but was distracted enough trying to hold Freeman, that he overthrew to first base.
There, Alexander is to be execrated because he conquered foreign peoples and overthrew an ancient empire.
Eventually, Gavyn overthrew his sister's rogue government, and ascended the throne together with his Lady Merria.
In July 1979, the Nicaraguan Revolution overthrew the dictator Somoza and replaced the dynasty with the Sandinistas.
In Nicaragua, when the Sandinistas overthrew the Somoza dictatorship in 1978, the U.S. government immediately became involved.
When liberals in Spain overthrew their king, the ultras pressed the reluctant government for action.
By February 1917 revolution overthrew the Russian Tsar and brought the working class to power, led by the Bolsheviks in October.
By the time he reached the fifth inning in one of his recent starts, he overthrew seriously with dropping arm speed and tanked quickly.
With the power gone the large military force easily overthrew the small base, reaping it of all life.
In 1967 a military junta overthrew the government in Greece and established a brutal regime of oppression.
In a secret alliance with the Guild of Commerce, the two powers overthrew the other Guilds and left the refugees to scatter across the continent.
The 1979 revolution overthrew a vicious dictatorial regime supported by the West.
Early in the twelfth century the Almohads, another clan, overthrew the Almoravid dynasty and assumed rule.
On that day the Chilean military, led by General Pinochet, overthrew the elected president, Salvador Allende.
In 1924, when the Turkish revolution overthrew the Ottomans, the caliphate was abolished.
He was trying to get the ball to tight end Charlie Young, but he overthrew him.
The industrial district of Setubal in southern Portugal was one of the heartlands of the country's revolution of 1974-5, which overthrew a military dictatorship.
Nonetheless, the ruling overthrew the agreed ownership composition and forced the joint taskforce to postpone its work on the car project, he said.
In February workers overthrew the dictatorial ruler, the Tsar.
In 1517 the Ottoman Turks captured Cairo and overthrew the Mamelukes.
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Examples from Classical Literature
He also overthrew many other rebellious princes and returned to yamato in triumph.
He, after this, overthrew the ammonites, and appointed that they should pay tribute.
This monster overthrew the other demons, and led them away captive, bound with chains to his saddlebow.
He overthrew the classical ideal of art, and enthroned the ego in its room.
Rome in an early period in her history overthrew Alba Longa and succeeded to her place at the head of the confederacy.
Charging at full run down upon them they overthrew three of the girl's escort before a blow could be struck in her defense.
In a pitched battle on the river Irtysh he overthrew them completely.
Thailand's ruling junta recently overthrew the government while promising to restore order, part of which involved imposing a nationwide curfew.
As on the former occasion he overthrew the cauldron before leaping, sinuous and catlike, into the lower branches of the forest giant.
Nor stood unmindful ABDIEL to annoy The Atheist crew, but with redoubl'd blow ARIEL and ARIOC, and the violence Of RAMIEL scorcht and blasted overthrew.
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